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All press releases

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Date Name
18/06/2018 Ireland: EIB backs EUR 80m Port of Cork container terminal development
18/06/2018 The EIB and the Portuguese Government launch a EUR 250 million credit line to finance the investments of municipalities
15/06/2018 Réunion: Juncker Plan - EIB Group strengthens its support of MSMEs
15/06/2018 Spain: Investment Plan for Europe - Metro de Madrid to upgrade and improve its network with EIB financing
14/06/2018 La Réunion : Plan Juncker - la BEI soutient le développement de l’aéroport de La Réunion Roland Garros
13/06/2018 MDB climate finance hit record high of US$ 35.2 billion in 2017
12/06/2018 EIB approves EUR 4.4 billion for small business, social housing, transport and energy investment
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08/06/2018 Austria: EIB and Erste Bank support renewable energy expansion
08/06/2018 Spain: Investment Plan for Europe - European Commission Vice-President visits Talgo's EIB-financed innovation project
08/06/2018 Belgium: More green electricity in Hainaut thanks to new Moulins Saint-Roch wind farm financed by EIB and Belfius
08/06/2018 EU Sustainable Energy Week in Armenia – EIB and multi-donor fund E5P spearhead the rehabilitation of kindergartens in Yerevan
06/06/2018 Germany: KfW strengthens its financing offer for SMEs on the path to the digital future
05/06/2018 Investing in women as agents of change: the EIB Group at the Women Political Leaders Summit #WPLsummit
05/06/2018 Supporting women: EU co-finances Argentine province of Jujuy's waste management plan set to create new job opportunities for female waste collectors working at landfill sites
05/06/2018 EIB ready to step up investments in municipalities in Europe
04/06/2018 Supporting gender equality on every continent: the EU Bank at European Development Days #SheisWe
04/06/2018 Emma Navarro appointed as new EIB Vice-President
01/06/2018 Finland: EIB and Oma Savings Bank Plc sign new support for SMEs
01/06/2018 EIB supports the “Ambition Collèges” Plan in Seine-Saint-Denis
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31/05/2018 EIB delegation visits Grenada to identify new projects for investment
31/05/2018 Sweden: Ericsson finances research into 5G telecom technology with EU backing
31/05/2018 Cyprus: EU backs expansion of strategic energy storage
30/05/2018 EIB Cyprus study highlights barriers to business investment and mixed investment ahead of Nicosia economic conference
30/05/2018 Netherlands: EUR 330m EIB support under Juncker Plan for Afsluitdijk flood defence works
29/05/2018 EIB supports connectivity in Western Balkans
28/05/2018 France: EIB supports the development of Marseille seaport
28/05/2018 Successful roll-out of EUR 400m natural capital initiative supporting conservation across Europe
24/05/2018 Belgium: Quenast’s main square transformed thanks to the EIB and its partner Belfius
24/05/2018 Ukraine: EIB supports upgrade of energy and road infrastructure
24/05/2018 Ukraine: Beskyd railway tunnel completed and put into operation
24/05/2018 New CAB line highlights acceleration of EU sustainability policy
23/05/2018 Ireland: ESB and Bord na Móna reach Financial Close on Oweninny Wind Farm Project
23/05/2018 Germany: EIB provides new funds for North Rhine-Westphalia
22/05/2018 EIB underlines its commitment to diversity
22/05/2018 France: Juncker Plan – EIB finances Latécoère's factory of the future in Toulouse-Montredon
18/05/2018 European support for Nordic IT infrastructure and services provider Atea
18/05/2018 Germany: Investment Plan for Europe - EU bank advances EUR 100 million to VIVAWEST
18/05/2018 Denmark: First EIB support for nearly-zero-energy-buildings
17/05/2018 EIB confirms support for Western Balkans on the path towards EU integration
15/05/2018 EIB approves EUR 4.3 billion of new support for business, education, energy, health and transport schemes
14/05/2018 China: EIB signs the Agreement for EUR 300 million climate related investments with Eximbank
08/05/2018 Jordan: EIB Vice-President Stubb and Minister Gramegna visit an online marketplace for investments
08/05/2018 European Commission and EIB further clarify statistical treatment of Energy Performance Contracts
03/05/2018 Outlook for investment in France: dynamics vary by sector with manufacturing firms leading the way according to the results of the EIB’s annual survey
30/04/2018 Belgium: Inauguration of La Croisette on the Upper Meuse in Dinant, a smart and sustainable project financed by the EIB and Belfius
27/04/2018 Finland: EIB continues healthcare financing - loan for new Kainuu hospital
26/04/2018 EIB provides EUR 150m for pan-European motorway through Bosnia and Herzegovina
26/04/2018 Spain: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB provides EUR 50m to build nine wind farms in Aragón
26/04/2018 European support for upgrading and expanding Seychelles’ main harbour
25/04/2018 EIB steps up support for Western Balkans in EU accession process
24/04/2018 France: EIB provides EUR 76m in financing for SIAH’s “next generation” wastewater treatment plant in Val d'Oise
23/04/2018 Finland: EIB expands financing of care properties
23/04/2018 Spain: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB Group and BBVA sign second synthetic securitisation operation with a EUR 98 million subordinated guarantee in support of SMEs
21/04/2018 The IDB Group and the EIB Pledge to Expand Partnership and Explore Blended Finance
21/04/2018 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) joins the Global Emerging Markets (GEMs) Risk Database Consortium
20/04/2018 MDBs launch new platform to coordinate support for economic migration and forced displacement
20/04/2018 Niger: EIB finances drinking water supply project (EUR 21m)
20/04/2018 EU Bank pioneers new bond in support of sustainable development
19/04/2018 EIB and IMF join forces to build capacity on financial inclusion and stability in Africa
19/04/2018 No one can tackle the migration challenge alone, EIB President Hoyer tells policy makers in Washington: partnerships and multilateralism are key
19/04/2018 Impact into the Future: EIB releases Activity Report detailing record year of deals
19/04/2018 Europe has a financing gap for green mobility, report finds
19/04/2018 Nigeria: EIB and African Development Bank to support private sector investment with Development Bank of Nigeria backing
18/04/2018 First USD Climate Awareness Bond in the 7-year maturity
16/04/2018 EIB’s agriculture and bioeconomy programme loan under Juncker Plan will support close to EUR 1bn of private investment across Europe
16/04/2018 Austria’s investment outlook: economy well on track, according to annual “EIB Survey on Investment and Investment Finance” (EIBIS)
16/04/2018 Germany: EIB provides GRENKE with funds for leasing
13/04/2018 Portugal: The EU bank provides up to EUR 100 million to co-finance the ‘Casa Eficiente 2020’ programme promoted by the Portuguese Government
13/04/2018 Portugal: EIB and CEB provide EUR 280 million to finance modernisation and expansion of irrigation infrastructure
13/04/2018 Poland: Investment Plan - First EIB direct loan to a Polish University to support a brand new medical simulations centre
13/04/2018 Poland’s investment outlook: time to shift the growth model towards skills and innovation, according to EIB research
12/04/2018 EIB agrees EUR 5.8 billion investment in energy efficiency, social infrastructure and local businesses
10/04/2018 Italy: EIB provides EUR 130m to the University of Bologna
06/04/2018 CEDRE Conference: EIB pledges EUR 800 million to support public investments in Lebanon
03/04/2018 Finland: #InvestEU - European support for climate-related research by Kemira Oyj
28/03/2018 Ireland: EIB loan supports major PPP investment in DIT Grangegorman Campus
28/03/2018 France: EIB and Europlasma announce the signature of a EUR 30m finance contract for the innovative CHO Tiper project
28/03/2018 Netherlands: Rabobank shares risk on part of its SME loan portfolio with EIB and EIF
27/03/2018 Finland: Valmet and EIB renew collaboration with EUR 45 million loan
26/03/2018 EU bank announces new financing to strengthen access to energy in Africa via the development of off-grid solar systems
26/03/2018 EIB signs cooperation agreements with Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) and COFIDES to facilitate investment in Latin America
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24/03/2018 EIB attends IDB annual meeting and shows its willingness to continue supporting cooperation between the European Union and Latin America
23/03/2018 Argentina: European Union co-finances the development of Jujuy's urban waste management plan with a EUR 42.2m loan from the EIB and a EUR 11.3m grant
23/03/2018 New EIB report: How to make European tech companies thrive
22/03/2018 France: EIB lends EUR 20m to innovative company MedinCell
22/03/2018 First EIB Venture Debt Summit: EIB becomes the largest venture debt investor in Europe
22/03/2018 New calls to cities and investors announced to deliver sustainable finance growth in cities worldwide
20/03/2018 EU bank contributes financial and technical support to provide clean drinking water for more than 2 million people in Gaza
20/03/2018 First long-tenor political risk insurance to unlock USD 1.4 billion clean energy investment across Africa
16/03/2018 EIB backs world’s first emerging market green bond fund with USD 100 million investment
15/03/2018 EIB agrees EUR 8 billion investment in education, energy, telecom and local businesses
10/03/2018 India: More than one million Indian households to benefit from EIB backed clean energy
09/03/2018 First EIB Polish Zloty (PLN) benchmark issued in floating rate format
09/03/2018 Investors welcome EC Sustainability Action Plan and support EIB green bond
09/03/2018 India: record EUR 1 billion EIB support for global solar investment confirmed ahead of International Solar Alliance summit
09/03/2018 Bulgaria: Investment Plan for Europe takes hold in Bulgaria; EUR 300m of EIB loans, guarantees, equity in 2017
08/03/2018 Blue Finance Principles Unveiled to Support Ocean Health and Investment
08/03/2018 France: EIB invests EUR 50m in Acofi Gestion’s Predirec EnR 2030 Fund
08/03/2018 EIB prints 5bn in the second new EARN Transaction of 2018
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07/03/2018 Belgium: Proximus acquires a EUR 400 million loan from the EIB for the transformation of its fixed network
07/03/2018 Belgium: EIB lends EUR 550m to ORES to optimise electricity and gas distribution networks in the Walloon Region
07/03/2018 Ukraine: EIB and multi-donor fund E5P sign grant agreements amounting to EUR 16.4m to support higher education and municipal infrastructure in Ukraine
07/03/2018 Morocco: EIB lends EUR 40m for extension of Rabat Salé’s second tramway
06/03/2018 EIB Group support for Croatia in 2017 close to EUR 600m; loans supporting Croatian environment and tourism sectors signed
05/03/2018 Morocco: EIB and Attijariwafa Bank group boost support for firms with a EUR 100m loan
01/03/2018 Half a million Kenyans to benefit from Lake Victoria water scheme
01/03/2018 Hungary: The Investment Plan for Europe - advisory services and financing opportunities for Smart Cities investments projects
01/03/2018 EIB announces enlarged EFTA investment envelope
01/03/2018 EIB signed loans worth EUR 700m with Hungary in 2017 to promote SMEs, urban development and competitiveness
01/03/2018 Belgium: European Union provides Biocartis with up to EUR 24m debt financing facility for infectious disease projects
28/02/2018 EIB and European Defence Agency sign cooperation agreement
28/02/2018 Iceland: EIB to support Isavia in development of Keflavík Airport
22/02/2018 United Kingdom: Midlands Engine Investment Fund launches £100m SME equity fund
22/02/2018 France: Brownfields raises EUR 165m from the EIB, Caisse des Dépôts and around ten institutional investors to step up its industrial, tertiary and commercial brownfield redevelopment activities
22/02/2018 EU member states boost EU Bank initiative to tackle migration challenge
22/02/2018 Irish Minister visits EIB to discuss European social housing financing
22/02/2018 Bulgaria: EIB and Raiffeisen Leasing join forces to support corporate investment
20/02/2018 Rwanda: EIB confirms new EUR 24 million backing for private sector investment
20/02/2018 Rwanda: EIB backs first public sewerage network
20/02/2018 EIB appoints Marjut Santoni as new Secretary General
20/02/2018 Romania: EIB once again joins forces with Banca Transilvania to support corporate investment
19/02/2018 EIB Group support for Romania in 2017 at highest level since 2009
19/02/2018 Netherlands: ING and EIB provide EUR 300m to finance green shipping
19/02/2018 Rwanda: EIB to announce EUR 69 million new investment
16/02/2018 Germany: Investment Plan for Europe - EUR 250m loan for motorway project “A10/A24”
12/02/2018 Sweden: EU to support Northvolt’s European battery project with InnovFin backing
09/02/2018 First 3-year Global of 2018 with a USD 4bn issue
08/02/2018 3.7 billion euros to tackle migration and build resilience in Europe’s Neighbourhood - EU Bank welcomes European Parliament vote
06/02/2018 EIB backs EUR 6.5 billion energy, SME, transport and urban investment
05/02/2018 Investing in Gender Equality: EU Bank and women’s rights campaigners join forces
01/02/2018 EIB boosts the Western Balkans’ economies and fosters European integration
01/02/2018 First 2018 EUR CAB points markets to HLEG’s report on sustainable finance
01/02/2018 Kenya: The EIB extends a USD 40 Million financing facility to I&M Bank Ltd
31/01/2018 EIB Group confirms record EUR 1 billion Irish financing in 2017
31/01/2018 Slovenia: EIB and SKB Group to support small and medium-sized companies
31/01/2018 Austria: EIB signs financing agreement with Austrian Anadi Bank
31/01/2018 Portugal: EU bank and CGD provide EUR 300 million to support SMEs
26/01/2018 Portugal: EUR 250m EIB credit facility to IFD - first EUR 100 million tranche to support SMEs and midcaps
26/01/2018 Spain: EIB and DLL provide EUR 200m to finance investments of small and medium-sized businesses
26/01/2018 Austria: Investment Plan for Europe - EUR 70m loan from EIB to AVL
25/01/2018 Portugal: EIB and Millennium bcp provide EUR 150m to finance SMEs and midcaps affected by forest fires
25/01/2018 2017: an exceptional year for EIB Group’s activity in Portugal
25/01/2018 EIB accompanies the growth and diversification of the Polish economy
24/01/2018 Austria: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB finances wind farms
24/01/2018 Strong financing activity by EIB Group in Spain in 2017
24/01/2018 The EIB has provided EUR 8.2bn in lending to Slovakia since its establishment
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23/01/2018 Spain: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB provides EUR 30m loan for renewal of Palma de Mallorca’s urban bus fleet
22/01/2018 Spain: EIB supports energy sector on Canary Islands with EUR 125m loan
19/01/2018 Spain: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB grants EUR 100m loan to Acciona to boost its innovation and digitalisation strategy
19/01/2018 EIB Group support for the Czech Republic exceeds EUR 1bn in 2017
18/01/2018 2017 was a successful year for the Juncker Plan in France, with a particular focus on climate action and innovation
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17/01/2018 EIB, EIF and Crédit Agricole Group to support the development of French SMEs and midcaps
13/01/2018 EU Bank commits support for new UN strategy and welcomes reform plans
12/01/2018 Bulgarian Presidency begins with EIB loan of EUR 100 million under Juncker Plan for agri-pharma business Huvepharma
11/01/2018 First EIB EUR benchmark in the 30-year part of the curve since 2005
09/01/2018 First EIB USD Global transaction of 2018
09/01/2018 Spain: EIB and Bankia allocate EUR 800m to finance SME and midcap investments
08/01/2018 Germany: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB grants loan of EUR 40m to Indivumed
03/01/2018 EIB opens 2018’s Kangaroo market with a new AUD 750m Climate Awareness Bond
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