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All press releases

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Date Name
18/10/2017 EIB approves EUR 4.7 billion investment
18/10/2017 Serbia: EIB partners with Intesa Sanpaolo and Société Générale to provide EUR 190m for small and medium-sized enterprises
16/10/2017 France: EIB grants second EUR 1bn loan for Grand Paris Express
15/10/2017 Strengthening the Eurozone, EU Bank President urges a new push for investment and reform #IMFmeetings
14/10/2017 We must speed up our cooperation on migration and forced displacement says EIB President Werner Hoyer at #IMF2017
13/10/2017 EIB launches operations in Republic of Uzbekistan
13/10/2017 Portugal: New aeronautic manufacturing plant in Évora financed by the EIB under the Investment Plan for Europe
12/10/2017 EIB’s last USD Global benchmark of 2017: USD 3bn 5-year
12/10/2017 Ethiopia: Companies to benefit from EIB backing for USD 100m private equity fund
06/10/2017 France: Juncker Plan - EIB finances development of Saint Jean Industries group with EUR 45m loan
06/10/2017 France: #InvestEU - EIB provides EUR 20m credit line to Amoéba to revolutionise water treatment
06/10/2017 Spain: EIB and MicroBank sign EUR 60 million credit line for financing projects of young entrepreneurs
06/10/2017 India: Record EIB loan - EUR 500m for Bangalore Metro
06/10/2017 India: EIB partners with International Solar Alliance and confirms EUR 800 million support for renewable energy
05/10/2017 France: #InvestEU - SUNPARTNER Technologies opens a new production site and raises EUR 15 million from the EIB
03/10/2017 Sweden: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB support to IP-Only will give high-speed internet access to over 400,000 households
02/10/2017 France: Juncker Plan - First EIB financing for cyber security in France
02/10/2017 Austria: EIB grants loan of EUR 50m to Raiffeisenlandesbank Niederösterreich-Wien
29/09/2017 France: EIB lends USD 90m to Virbac to speed up the development of its innovative solutions for animal health
29/09/2017 Record EIB support for Greek SME’s confirmed and new Athens office opened by Finance Minister Tsakalotos and EIB President Hoyer
29/09/2017 EUR 700m new support for SME investment across Greece
29/09/2017 Finland: EU bank supports first tramway line in Tampere with EUR 150m loan
28/09/2017 New figures on impact of EIB Group investment on jobs and growth: 2.25 million more jobs expected by 2020
28/09/2017 How to improve access to finance for socially driven organisations in Portugal
27/09/2017 France: EFSI - EUR 200m for refurbishing social housing in France with the SNI Group
25/09/2017 EIB mobilises in support of Great Investment Plan in France
22/09/2017 Greece: Further support for SMEs and MidCaps -EIB and Eurobank sign EUR 150 million financing agreement
22/09/2017 Complex Disease Detector and ColorADD winners of the Social Innovation Tournament 2017
22/09/2017 France: EIB grants Da Volterra EUR 20m loan to speed up development of innovative solutions for the prevention and treatment of antibiotic-resistant infections
19/09/2017 EIB agrees EUR 11.5 billion backing for transport, education, energy and private sector investment
19/09/2017 Five countries pledge contributions for the EU Bank’s Economic Resilience initiative to tackle migration and create jobs
19/09/2017 Belgium: More than 100 projects benefit from EUR 660m in Smart Cities financing
19/09/2017 Sweden: Juncker Plan - EIB provides EUR 30 million for iZettle’s research and development
18/09/2017 Bulgaria: EU bank opens office in Sofia and signs first corporate EFSI loan
15/09/2017 France: EFSI - EIB finances first plant producing aviation-grade titanium with recycled materials
15/09/2017 Spain: EIB to finance construction of 524 energy efficient rented social housing units in Navarre with EUR 40 million loan under Juncker Plan
14/09/2017 France: EFSI - EU bank finances Mécachrome Group’s development with EUR 40 million loan
14/09/2017 Spain: The Investment Plan for Europe is a major opportunity for businesses in Aragón
14/09/2017 Last EUR 3 bn EARN of 2017 shows strong demand for rare tenor
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13/09/2017 La Réunion: EUR 25m to operator TELCO OI for access to superfast mobile broadband
13/09/2017 La Réunion: First Juncker Plan loan to boost enterprise support
12/09/2017 Portugal: The EIB supports urban rehabilitation and energy efficiency in cities with a EUR 300 million loan
12/09/2017 MDBs increase 2016 financing to tackle climate challenge
12/09/2017 Portugal: EIB supports the modernisation of water infrastructure with a EUR 420m loan under the Investment Plan for Europe
11/09/2017 France: EFSI - EIB supports the Amadéite Group, the world leader in marine biotechnology
10/09/2017 Egypt: EIB provides USD 15 million for Egypt Mid-Cap fund
08/09/2017 Portugal: Investment Plan for Europe - EUR 16 million EIB loan agreement to finance construction of new campus for the Nova School of Business and Economics
08/09/2017 France: Juncker Plan - the EIB Group provides an initial guarantee of EUR 50 million to the new Eiffel Croissance Directe fund
08/09/2017 BE-EIB conference in Madrid: Investment and Investment Finance – the Spanish case
08/09/2017 Germany: Investment Plan for Europe – EIB supports Evotec’s innovate strategy with EUR 75m loan
07/09/2017 EIB donates EUR 500 000 to Portuguese REVITA fund for reconstruction after fires
07/09/2017 Ireland: EIB unveils EUR 300m Irish company lending programme and new Ibec partnership to strengthen support for firms
06/09/2017 Poland: EIB supports energy and science with almost EUR 1bn
05/09/2017 Belgium: EIB and Belfius put innovation and climate action on the agenda as the new school year gets going in Flémalle
31/08/2017 EIB launches a new GBP 500 million December 2023 bond
28/08/2017 Austria: Investment Plan for Europe EIB grants financing to Apeiron
24/08/2017 Sweden: Innovative financing for digital services - EIB provides EUR 8 Million for inRiver under the Juncker Plan
23/08/2017 Mongolia: EIB backs USD 120 million Sainshand wind farm
09/08/2017 Germany: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB backs cancer therapy developer MagForce with up to EUR 35m
03/08/2017 EIB submits SEC Form 18-K/A Amendment No. 4
01/08/2017 Spain: EUR 105m loan to Junta de Castilla y León to support SME growth in the region and to finance investment in transport and rural tourism infrastructure
01/08/2017 Alexander Stubb is new Vice-President of the European Investment Bank
31/07/2017 EU bank signs first direct loan to a company in Georgia
28/07/2017 Italy: EIB lends EUR 1bn to E-distribuzione for new smart meters
27/07/2017 Werner Hoyer re-appointed as President of the European Investment Bank Group
26/07/2017 Italy: Juncker Plan - EIB finances better healthcare in the Veneto Region
25/07/2017 Spain: EIB and Banco Sabadell join forces to provide EUR 800m of support for SMEs
25/07/2017 Slovakia: EIB supports SMEs and midcaps through VÚB Leasing
21/07/2017 Spain: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB to finance construction of 2 198 rented social housing units
21/07/2017 Terna: EIB lends EUR 130 million for “Italy-France” interconnector
21/07/2017 Netherlands: EIB to finance upgrade of Alliander electricity grid
20/07/2017 Greece: Juncker Plan financing for windfarms - EIB signs EUR 24m loan with Terna Energy Group
20/07/2017 Italy: Banco BPM Group and EIB - EUR 600 million in support of SMEs and midcaps
20/07/2017 EIB Group marks 25 years of support for Bulgaria; on target for a strong result in 2017
20/07/2017 Latvia: Investment Plan for Europe - EUR 30m loan from EIB for University of Latvia campus development
18/07/2017 Romania: EIB lends EUR 1bn to co-finance transport infrastructure projects with EU grants
18/07/2017 EIB board backs EUR 12 billion of new investment including transformational new transport, energy and internet schemes
18/07/2017 Spain: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB and Santander sign two agreements to support SMEs and finance renewable energy projects
18/07/2017 Netherlands: EIB finances the modernisation of Dutch hospitals
14/07/2017 Germany: Investment Plan for Europe - Vonovia and EIB sign credit line for financing energy-efficient upgrading of housing stock
14/07/2017 Georgia: EIB and ProCredit Bank support hundreds of companies
13/07/2017 Germany: The EU bank provides a new EUR 450m loan for the Emscher rehabilitation project
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13/07/2017 Italy: EIB lends EUR 230 million to Municipality of Florence for smart city projects
13/07/2017 Georgia: A decade of success - the EU bank marks ten years of activities with major new loans
13/07/2017 Finland: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB fosters Nosto’s expansion and product innovation
13/07/2017 EIB reaffirms commitment to financing in the Western Balkans
11/07/2017 Hungary: EIB provides EUR 400m to Eximbank to support small businesses
11/07/2017 Greece: EUR 150m financing agreement with OTE Group mobile arm Cosmote SA, further EFSI support
10/07/2017 Spain: Juncker Plan - EIB signs a EUR 300m guarantee with Farmafactoring España to support SMEs’ access to finance
10/07/2017 Netherlands: European support for social housing in Amsterdam
10/07/2017 EIB appoints members of Investment Committee for European Fund for Strategic Investments
10/07/2017 France: Juncker Plan - Cellnovo concludes a loan agreement for up to EUR 20 million from the EIB
07/07/2017 Greece: EIB and Alpha Bank sign another EUR 150 million financing agreement
07/07/2017 Morocco: EIB mobilises substantial resources for private sector and higher education: EUR 105m in new financing operations
06/07/2017 Africa Day (#DigitalAfrica) - Empowering Millions: Africa’s Rising Digital Economy
05/07/2017 10th anniversary of “green bonds” celebrated in Luxembourg
05/07/2017 España: El BEI y GAS NATURAL FENOSA - 450 millones de euros para la construcción de parques eólicos en Canarias y la modernización de la red de distribución eléctrica
04/07/2017 Belgium: EIB lends 100 million euros to Elia for electricity network
04/07/2017 Malawi: EIB broadens support for water infrastructure
04/07/2017 EU bank launches new scheme to support private sector in Republic of Moldova
03/07/2017 Lithuania: Juncker Plan: EIB invests EUR 20m into BaltCap Infrastructure Fund in the Baltic region
03/07/2017 Portugal: First direct loan under the Investment Plan for Europe to a Portuguese midcap
03/07/2017 Crowdlending: EIB Group and Lendix join forces to step up financing for French and European businesses
30/06/2017 Ethiopia: EIB Vice President highlights importance of mobile banking and confirms expected EIB support for sector
30/06/2017 Lebanon: The EIB signs a EUR 265 million facility in support of private sector development as part of its “Economic Resilience Initiative”
30/06/2017 Portugal: Juncker Plan: EUR 29 million EIB loan to finance the expansion of gas distribution
30/06/2017 EIB highlights 10th anniversary of the EIB issuing the world’s first green bond and confirms new green bond tree planting scheme
29/06/2017 Portugal: EIB signs a EUR 250 million loan with Millennium bcp to support SMEs and midcaps
29/06/2017 Portugal: EIB signs a EUR 150 million loan with Banco Santander Totta to promote economic growth and employment
29/06/2017 Portugal: EIB signs a EUR 150 million loan with CGD to support SMEs and midcaps
29/06/2017 Ethiopia: EIB confirms support for 6 billion Birr private enterprise financing programme
29/06/2017 EIB’s new Nov-47 EUR CAB is the longest ever green bond
28/06/2017 Spain: EIB and Bankoa Crédit Agricole join forces to provide EUR 150 million for SMEs
28/06/2017 EIB Vice President to visit Ethiopia and announce largest ever engagement
28/06/2017 Greece: EIB activates new EUR 400m Trade Finance Facility to help boost international trade by Greek companies
28/06/2017 Romania: EU bank supports expansion of Regina Maria private healthcare network
27/06/2017 Poland: EIB backs growth strategy of furniture company Sits
27/06/2017 Spain: EIB and Iberdrola sign EUR 500 million loan for upgrading electricity grids
26/06/2017 Earthquake in central Italy: EUR 1bn for families and businesses for reconstruction from the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) via the EIB and CDP
26/06/2017 Spain: Juncker Plan: EIB supports Maier’s innovation strategy and expansion plan with EUR 25m
22/06/2017 Dominican Republic: EIB and FUNDAPEC announce EUR 5 million microfinance loan for businesses
22/06/2017 Spain: EIB provides EUR 110m in Juncker Plan financing for SENER to support its R&D programme
21/06/2017 Romania implements SME Initiative: EUR 540 million available for SMEs
20/06/2017 Sweden: Långmarken wind farm – first EFSI project in Sweden – inaugurated
19/06/2017 Israel: EIB supports Late-Stage Development and Production of BiondVax’s Universal Flu Vaccine Candidate
19/06/2017 Slovakia: JASPERS technical assistance supports investments totalling over EUR 80bn, including EUR 5.7bn targeting priority projects
19/06/2017 Italy: EIB and BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas provide EUR 250m for SMEs, midcaps and public entities
15/06/2017 Social housing, energy, innovation and urban development backed by EUR 10 billion new EIB financing approved today
15/06/2017 IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde and EIB President Hoyer confirm "valued and valuable" cooperation in and outside EU
15/06/2017 Spain: EIB signs EUR 217 million loan with Junta de Andalucía to boost, sustainable growth, transport, competitiveness and employment in the region
13/06/2017 Poland: EIB supports small and medium-scale pro-ecological investments with BOŚ under Juncker Plan
12/06/2017 Sweden: EIB supports nearly-zero-energy-buildings with Vasakronan
08/06/2017 Mali: EIB finances Bamako’s drinking water and sanitation system with EUR 50 million loan
08/06/2017 #EDD17 - Connecting the unconnected in rural Sub-Saharan Africa: rollout begins of 1000 new solar-powered mobile towers to unlock online access for millions
07/06/2017 Investing for Impact: EIB President Werner Hoyer signs declaration of support for new European Consensus on Development as report on EIB development impact is published
07/06/2017 Spain: EIB signs EUR 80m InnovFin loan with Urbaser to finance its research and fleet renewal investments
07/06/2017 Senegal: #EDD17 - EIB provides EUR 22m to finance Pont de Rosso bridge
07/06/2017 EIB confirms commitment to support small island states and blue economy
06/06/2017 Cross border electricity link to transform access to energy in West Africa
06/06/2017 EIB Group survey in the Czech Republic: positive investment outlook, good access to capital for companies; lack of skilled staff, and political and regulatory climate are main barriers to investment
06/06/2017 Spain: The EIB Group and BBVA join forces to facilitate access to credit for SMEs under the Juncker Plan
02/06/2017 Norway: EIB completes financing for Nordlink with Statnett
02/06/2017 EIB Group cooperation with China to be strengthened with new EUR 500 million Silk Road Fund equity investment initiative
02/06/2017 Netherlands: EIB and ABN AMRO sign EUR 250m for SMEs
02/06/2017 Vice-President of EU bank visits Kyrgyzstan
01/06/2017 Chile: EIB takes part in ALIDE’s General Assembly in Santiago de Chile
01/06/2017 Italy: Intesa Sanpaolo and EIB: EUR 600m for businesses
01/06/2017 Spain: EUR 20 million EIB loan facility under the InnovFin programme to support medical diagnostics innovation in Spain
01/06/2017 EU increases its commitment to the Circular Economy and Bioeconomy sectors
31/05/2017 Germany: degewo receives EUR 250 million EIB loan to finance its housing investment programme
26/05/2017 EIB Group survey finds need for more investment in research and state-of-the-art capital stock in Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe
24/05/2017 USD 110 million of new support for climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience projects across the Caribbean as EIB and CDB sign new financing agreement
24/05/2017 EIB further develops its PLN curve with a third benchmark line
24/05/2017 Spain: SME Initiative finances small and medium-sized businesses to the tune of EUR 3.2 billion
24/05/2017 Ministers Noonan and Donohoe visit EIB to explore new funding opportunities for Irish infrastructure
24/05/2017 Poland: EIB and BGK establish investment platform for social and affordable housing in Poland under Juncker Plan
24/05/2017 Haiti: VIP delegation visits MSF hospital funded by EIB
23/05/2017 Long-term financing of local projects discussed during EIB delegation’s visit to Haiti
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22/05/2017 Haiti: EIB and ACME announce signature of HTG 223 million (EUR 3 million) loan for providing microfinance to firms
19/05/2017 Germany: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB grants financing to Biofrontera
17/05/2017 EIB issues its first-ever dual-tranche USD benchmark across the 3- and 10-yr tenors
16/05/2017 EIB backs EUR 11 billion of new financing and welcomes European Parliament support to expand Investment Plan for Europe
16/05/2017 China: EIB confirms support for Belt and Road initiative
15/05/2017 Nicaragua: USD 136 million for construction of bus rapid transit line in Managua
11/05/2017 Improved outlook for bank lending in emerging Europe as funding conditions stabilize and stocks of bad loans fall, new Vienna Initiative reports show
10/05/2017 15 year EARN confirms new market confidence on the day of Europe
08/05/2017 Georgia: The EU bank introduces a broad range of financial instruments to support small and medium-sized businesses
08/05/2017 Spain: EIB and Santander Consumer Finance sign agreement to provide EUR 150 million for financing commercial vehicles of SMEs
08/05/2017 Finland: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB supports MariaDB with financing for accelerated growth
05/05/2017 Germany: EIB lends Deutsche Leasing EUR 100 million
04/05/2017 EIB President Werner Hoyer calls on financial industry to work together and support inclusive growth
03/05/2017 Spain: EIB finances increase of logistics capacity (ZAL Port) of Port of Barcelona with EUR 75m loan under “Juncker Plan’’
28/04/2017 Spain: EIB lends CEPSA EUR 70 million to implement plan to optimise aromatics plants in Andalusia
27/04/2017 EIB submits SEC Form 18-K
27/04/2017 Spain: Taking stock of the Investment Plan for Europe, an opportunity for growth
22/04/2017 Multilateral banks to deepen collaboration with private sector to boost inclusive, sustainable infrastructure
21/04/2017 Werner Hoyer: Open markets and societies will fail if people are left behind
21/04/2017 Netherlands: Investment Plan for Europe: EUR 150 million to finance green shipping
19/04/2017 Portugal: EIB Institute and PortusPark launch IRIS Regional Social Innovation Incubator in Amarante
19/04/2017 Germany: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB Group and Commerzbank join forces to provide additional lending to SMEs and Mid-Caps
11/04/2017 Germany: EIB and international consortium finance construction of a section of the A7 motorway
11/04/2017 Bank On Nature: First loan agreement backed by Natural Capital Financing Facility signed in Brussels
10/04/2017 New EIB Investment Survey highlights investment gaps and obstacles amid recovery
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04/04/2017 EIB agrees EUR 4 billion of investment for urban development, hospitals, energy and small businesses
03/04/2017 EIB supports first interconnection between Germany and Norway
01/04/2017 India: New Development Bank and EIB Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Structure Future Cooperation
31/03/2017 Bolivia: EIB grants a USD 82m loan to widen the Confital to Bombeo road to two lanes
31/03/2017 Prime Minister Modi welcomes EIB to India and highlights EU Bank’s unique experience as key to country’s transformation
31/03/2017 India: EIB confirms EUR 200 million long-term loan to State Bank of India to support Indian large scale solar projects
31/03/2017 Belgium: EUR 600m in EU financing for new trains ordered by SNCB
31/03/2017 Sweden: EIB to support Volvo Group’s research for fuel efficiency and safety in trucks and buses
31/03/2017 New era of stronger EIB activity across India and South Asia
30/03/2017 Czech Republic: EIB teams up with KB to battle youth unemployment, climate change
30/03/2017 EIB attends IDB annual meeting and shows its support for cooperation with Latin America
30/03/2017 Italy: EIB and BPER Group - EUR 50m for energy efficiency
29/03/2017 Europe prepares the ground for Research and Technology Organisations to get more and better access to finance
29/03/2017 EIB signs Kshs 10.45 billion support for East African entrepreneurs
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27/03/2017 Greece: EIB lends EUR 280 million to upgrade 14 regional airports
27/03/2017 EIB delegation to make historic visit to Sri Lanka to explore new opportunities for future investment
27/03/2017 Kenya: EIB signs extensive support for energy and transport
24/03/2017 Netherlands: EIB supports high quality drinking water in Brabant
23/03/2017 China: New Development Bank and EIB discuss potential areas of cooperation in Shanghai
23/03/2017 France: Launch of Eiffel Energy Transition, a new fund dedicated to financing energy transition, with the support of the European Investment Bank
23/03/2017 EIB to highlight benefits of sustainable investment to leaders of European companies in China
23/03/2017 EIB conference in Zagreb: Infrastructure for the human touch in Croatia and Slovenia and the Balkan Region
22/03/2017 Azerbaijan: EIB continues to support micro and SME sector through AccessBank
22/03/2017 Italy: EIB-Confindustria: Agreement on financial instruments, innovation and the Juncker Plan
22/03/2017 New People’s Bank of China and EIB initiative to strengthen green finance
22/03/2017 The EIB and NAFIN strengthen cooperation in Mexico
21/03/2017 World Economic Forum, EIB urge EU Finance Ministers to make Inclusive Growth top priority
21/03/2017 Poland: EIB and BGK finance construction of Kraków bypass under Juncker Plan
21/03/2017 China: EIB confirms new support for climate investment across eight Chinese provinces and joint green finance engagement with Chinese investors
20/03/2017 Visit to Montenegro of an official EIB delegation led by Vice-President Dario Scannapieco
17/03/2017 EIB and ING sign Benelux loan facility for small and medium-sized enterprises
16/03/2017 Lithuania: New support for energy efficiency in multi-apartment buildings
15/03/2017 EIB taps Nov-37 EUR Climate Awareness Bond
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13/03/2017 France: EU provides EUR 44m in financing for the University of Lorraine
13/03/2017 France: First direct financing from the EIB to Meurthe-et-Moselle Departmental Council
13/03/2017 France: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB and ArcelorMittal Group announce EUR 350m financing for research and innovation
13/03/2017 Cyprus: EIB provides EUR 50 million support for SMEs and Midcaps through financing agreement with Hellenic Bank
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10/03/2017 EIB continues benchmark issuance by tapping PLN bond due Aug 2026
10/03/2017 Germany: EU bank lends EUR 400m to Fraport
10/03/2017 Sweden: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB supports Castellum’s Nearly-zero-energy-buildings
09/03/2017 EIB backs EUR 3.4 billion new financing for SME’s, environment and transport
08/03/2017 EIB’s second 5-year Global of 2017 sized at USD 3bn
08/03/2017 Finland: #investEU: EIB finances Valio’s healthier dairy products
07/03/2017 France: Investment Plan for Europe - EUR 110m to finance innovative and sustainable transport in the Hauts-de-France region
06/03/2017 Vienna Initiative: New Working Group on Capital Markets Union for CESEE region
06/03/2017 Czech Republic: Investment Plan for Europe: landmark EUR 100 million risk-sharing deal to support small and medium-sized businesses
03/03/2017 France: Campus Plan: the EU bank provides EUR 127m to finance the extension and modernisation of Aix Marseille University (AMU)
03/03/2017 France: Investment Plan for Europe: EIB and SNI Group announce a EUR 500m loan for affordable housing in France
03/03/2017 Poland: #investEU: Ground-breaking EIB transactions with SCB and BZ WBK supporting small and medium-sized businesses
03/03/2017 France: The EU bank and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region sign a EUR 250m partnership for refurbishment and upgrading of the region’s lycées
02/03/2017 Ireland: EIB backs record EUR 405 million Irish social housing investment programme
02/03/2017 Netherlands: EIB supports extension of Schiphol Airport
02/03/2017 France: New financing for the Superfast Broadband sector as part of the Juncker Plan: €200 million loan to the Iliad Group
02/03/2017 Netherlands: EIB to guarantee EUR 500m loans by NIBC to Mid-Caps
02/03/2017 Record demand for EIB's first 7-year benchmark of 2017
02/03/2017 EIB Group markedly steps up its business in Germany
01/03/2017 EIB group financing reached EUR 1.1bn in Romania in 2016
01/03/2017 Sweden: EIB granted Ellevio a loan for network investment projects
28/02/2017 Poland: EIB finances modernisation of Szczecin and Świnoujście seaports
27/02/2017 Poland: EIB provides loans in 2016 worth EUR 4.44 billion, including EUR 603 million under the Juncker Plan
23/02/2017 Sao Tome & Principe: EU bank finances modernisation of São Tomé’s energy sector
22/02/2017 United Kingdom: £184 million EIB backing for Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund
22/02/2017 EU bank financing of EUR 546m to Croatia in 2016
21/02/2017 Spain biggest recipient of EIB group financing in EU in 2016
20/02/2017 EIB Group supported Slovakia with EUR 918m in 2016
17/02/2017 Spain: EIB and Ibercaja will offer SMEs 150 million euros of funding
17/02/2017 Cyprus: EIB provides EUR 100 million support for SMEs and Midcaps through financing agreement with Bank of Cyprus
16/02/2017 Greece: EIB signs EUR 50m loan with Pancretan Cooperative Bank to support business lending to SMEs and Midcaps, bolster youth employment
16/02/2017 Slight increase in EIB Group financing in Sweden in 2016
16/02/2017 Sweden: Investment Plan for Europe: SEK 900 million for investment in local infrastructure
15/02/2017 Spain: EIB signs a EUR 50m “Juncker Plan” loan with the municipality of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, and Guaguas for new bus rapid transit infrastructure
14/02/2017 United Kingdom: Sovereign secures European investment for new homes
13/02/2017 Poland: Contributing to social inclusion: EIB finances 1 300 affordable housing units in Poznań under Investment Plan for Europe
13/02/2017 Belgium: EIB invests a further 100 million euros in water purification in Flanders
10/02/2017 France: First direct financing from the EU bank to Gironde Departmental Council
10/02/2017 Estonia: #InvestEU: Graphene ultracapacitors get powered by EUR 15m financing from EIB
10/02/2017 Ukraine: EU Bank launches new scheme to support private sector, other EaP countries
09/02/2017 Cooperation between Luxembourg and the EIB via EIAH to provide advice on financial instruments for private initiatives within the initiative
09/02/2017 Slovakia: EU bank continues to support SME and midcap projects with EUR 50m, targeting growth and employment
07/02/2017 EIB supplies its first 3-year Global of 2017 with a USD 3bn issue
03/02/2017 France: First direct financing from the EU bank to the Vendée Departmental Council
03/02/2017 Spain: EIB grants EUR 450m loan to Red Eléctrica to extend and strengthen its infrastructure
03/02/2017 Ireland: EIB confirms EUR 90 million backing for Coillte forest investment
03/02/2017 Ireland: EIB and ISIF confirm multi-million backing for new investment in forestry
01/02/2017 Germany: EUR 250m loan for investment in renewable energy
31/01/2017 EIB approves new financing totalling EUR 7.8 billion
27/01/2017 EIB Group increases support to Czech Republic by one third to EUR 619 million in 2016
25/01/2017 EIB Group staff mobilise to help Haiti
24/01/2017 EIB publishes its Operational Plan 2017-2019
24/01/2017 A strong contribution for European growth and investment from the EIB Group in 2016
24/01/2017 EIB confirms EUR 825 million backing for Irish investment in 2016
24/01/2017 EIB confirms GBP 5.5 billion backing for investment across the UK in 2016
24/01/2017 Renewed cooperation between Luxembourg and the EIB marks ten years of partnership supporting micro and small enterprises in ACP countries
23/01/2017 Sri Lanka: EIB confirms backing for Colombo water network
19/01/2017 Spain: EIB signs a EUR 70m “Juncker Plan” loan with SAICA to improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of its factory in Zaragoza
18/01/2017 EIB continues benchmark issuance by tapping PLN bond due May 2021
18/01/2017 Strong demand for EIB’s first EARN of 2017
18/01/2017 EIB in Finland: record level of support in 2016
18/01/2017 Belgium: “Smart Cities” investment to transform village of Heer-sur-Meuse
17/01/2017 Czech Republic: EIB and Česká spořitelna join forces to support innovative mid-size companies
12/01/2017 2016: an exceptional year for the EIB Group in France
09/01/2017 EIB confirms EUR 92 million support for East African entrepreneurs in 2016
05/01/2017 EIB’s first USD Global benchmark of 2017: USD 4bn 5-year
04/01/2017 Structural Fund resources for research in southern Italy: EUR 200m for first EIB-managed Fund of Funds
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