Events in the spotlight

Events in the spotlight


24th Economic Forum

  •   Date: 02/09/2014
  •   Location: Krynica-Zdrój, Poland
The EIB is delighted to participate in the 24th Economic Forum, a major political and economic event in the Central and Eastern Europe which brings together heads of states, members of government, businesses, academia and NGOs. It is a unique platform for exchange of opinions and thoughts on the fut...

World Water Week

  •   Date: 31/08/2014
  •   Location: Stockholm, Sweden
World Water Week is hosted and organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and takes place in Stockholm. The event has been the annual focal point for the globe's water issues since 1991.

3rd African Women’s Economic Summit 2014

  •   Date: 24/07/2014
  •   Location: Lusaka, Zambia
The EIB is participating in the 3rd African Women's Economic Summit organised by the Pan-African organisation New Faces, New Voices in Lusaka, Zambia.

InnovFin Seminar – EU Finance for Innovators

  •   Date: 08/07/2014
  •   Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg
On Tuesday 8 July the EIB Group hosted at its premises in Luxembourg an interactive seminar on the new generation of InnovFin financial products and advisory services.The seminar consisted of concise product presentations followed by a roundtable discussion with representatives from the local busin...

European Financial Congress

  •   Date: 23/06/2014
  •   Location: Sopot, Poland
The European Financial Congress, held every year in Sopot, Poland, will take place this year from 23 to 25 June. Business experts, politicians and academics get together during this three-day Conference to participate in pragmatic debates, speeches, sector-related seminars and thematic steering comm...

Africa Energy Forum

  •   Date: 18/06/2014
  •   Location: Istanbul, Turkey
At a time when energy has never been more topical and crucial to the African continent’s long-term economic growth prosperity, the EB roundtable will seek to provide an interactive platform for learning and discussion.Featuring voices from all of the energy industry’s key stakeholders, ...

AFIF 2014

  •   Date: 04/06/2014
  •   Location: Cologne, Germany
The EIB is taking part in the Africa Finance & Investment Forum 2014, which is being organised by EMRC. This annual business networking event is aimed at strengthening the private sector in Africa, encouraging entrepreneurship and attracting investment to the continent.

Baltic Development Forum Summit

  •   Date: 03/06/2014
  •   Location: Turku, Finland
The joint 16th Baltic Development Forum Summit and 5th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR (EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region) is organised by the Baltic Development Forum and the European Commission, and the theme of the event is “growing together”. This year’s event will explore how cooperation can help strengthen economic growth, contribute to sustainable development, and create a strong and integrated Baltic Sea Region.

Open Innovation Seminar

  •   Date: 28/05/2014
  •   Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg
The EIB is delighted to host the Open Innovation Seminar, co-organised by the American Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg (Amcham) and Prof. Marko Torkkeli, of Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland.

Carbon Expo 2014

  •   Date: 28/05/2014
  •   Location: Cologne, Germany
The EIB is participating in Carbon Expo, the leading global fair on carbon markets. This year, the event will make the link between carbon markets, green technology and climate finance and discuss climate policy development.

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