Events in the spotlight

Events in the spotlight


15th FEMIP Conference

  •   Date: 26/10/2015
  •   Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Our 15th FEMIP Conference will be held on the subject of ""Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Jobs: Promoting Pioneering Investments in the Mediterranean Region".

Workshop on microfinance regulation

  •   Date: 20/10/2015
  •   Location: Brussels, Belgium
The EIB Institute is organising a workshop on “Regulations and laws for microfinance in the EU: the current situation and the opportunities for improvement”, in Brussels on 20 October.

Social Innovation Tournament

  •   Date: 24/09/2015
  •   Location: Milan, Italy
The Social Innovation Tournament is the flagship initiative of the Institute’s Social Programme. It is organised every year in a different  country to reward and sponsor European entrepreneurs whose primary purpose is to generate a social, ethical or environmental impact.

Investment Plan in Flanders

  •   Date: 14/09/2015
  •   Location: Brussels, Belgium
On Monday 14 September 2015, the European Investment Bank (EIB), Vleva (the Flemish-European agency) and the General Delegation of the Flemish Government to the EU, are joining forces to hold a large-scale information session about the Investment Plan for Europe, the innovative features of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) and the European Investment Bank’s financing services.

25th Economic Forum

  •   Date: 08/09/2015
  •   Location: Krynica, Poland
Organized for over 20 years, the Economic Forum in Krynica has become the biggest and the most important meeting place for political and economic leaders from Central and Eastern Europe. By that very fact, the Forum not only accompanies social and economic changes in these regions, but also shapes them.

Financing for Development

  •   Date: 13/07/2015
  •   Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
A high-level EIB delegation will participate in the Third International Conference on Financing for Development which will gather high-level political representatives, including Heads of State and Government, and Ministers of Finance, Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation, as well as all relevant institutional stakeholders, non-governmental organizations and business sector entities.

Africa Day 2015

  •   Date: 09/07/2015
  •   Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg
High level speakers from Europe as well as Africa will share with us their experience of doing business on the continent, across several sectors and from various backgrounds. By participating, you will have the opportunity for networking, learning and sharing.

6th Caribbean Microfinance Forum

  •   Date: 06/07/2015
  •   Location: Miami, United States
The Forum is organized each year by the Caribbean Microfinance Alliance, the regional microfinance network, and this year’s theme “Microfinance Solutions for Inclusive Growth” attracted 102 participants, including CEOs, CFOs, Directors and Financial Services Professionals, as well as policymakers, investors, academics and development partners and experts.

African Microfinance Week 2015

  •   Date: 29/06/2015
  •   Location: Dakar, Senegal
After the success of the previous edition, the EIB was pleased to pursue its sponsorship to the African Microfinance Week (AMW) in 2015. The 2015 theme “Accelerating Innovative Rural Finance in Africa” gathered 547 participants from 49 countries – including 36 African countries – to attend the five days of conferences meetings and training sessions held between 29 June and 3 July.

Investment Finance in Austria

  •   Date: 29/06/2015
  •   Location: Vienna, Austria
In cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) and the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB), the European Investment Bank Group (European Investment Bank (EIB) and European Investment Fund (EIF)) is organising one of the first conferences on the Investment Plan for Europe.

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