Events in the spotlight

Events in the spotlight


2015 EIB Prize for excellence in economic and social research

  •   Date: 11/11/2015
  •   Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg
EIB President Werner Hoyer will present the prize on 11 November 2015 at the EIB in Luxembourg and both laureates will deliver a prize lecture at the award ceremony.

Supporting Innovation in Spain

  •   Date: 06/11/2015
  •   Location: Bilbao, Spain
The EIB Group, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness in Spain and the Basque Government, will host a corporate seminar to present the extensive range of financial support available to innovative businesses in Spain.

15th FEMIP Conference

  •   Date: 26/10/2015
  •   Location: Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Our 15th FEMIP Conference will be held on the subject of ""Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Jobs: Promoting Pioneering Investments in the Mediterranean Region".

Supporting Innovation in Ireland

  •   Date: 23/10/2015
  •   Location: Dublin, Ireland
The EIB Group, in collaboration with Enterprise Ireland and the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI), will host a seminar to present the extensive range of financial support available to innovative and growing businesses in Ireland.

European Microfinance Day

  •   Date: 20/10/2015
  •   Location: Brussels, Belgium
The EIB Group (EIB, EIF and EIB Institute) is sponsoring the first European Microfinance Day (EMD) organised by the European Microfinance Network and the Microfinance Center under the aegis of the Luxembourg presidency of the European Union, which aims to raise awareness on microfinance as a tool to fight social exclusion and unemployment in Europe.

Workshop on EIB financing of SMEs through financial intermediaries

  •   Date: 13/10/2015
  •   Location: Brussels, Belgium
The European Investment Bank is organising a workshop to present and discuss its intermediated lending in and outside of Europe. The discussions will centre on the EIB Group’s (European Investment Bank and European Investment Fund, EIF) practice of financing SMEs through local banks and funds.

Social Innovation Tournament

  •   Date: 24/09/2015
  •   Location: Milan, Italy
The Social Innovation Tournament is the flagship initiative of the Institute’s Social Programme. It is organised every year in a different  country to reward and sponsor European entrepreneurs whose primary purpose is to generate a social, ethical or environmental impact.

Pacific Microfinance Week 2015

  •   Date: 21/09/2015
  •   Location: Honiara, Solomon Islands
The Pacific Microfinance Week is convened by the Microfinance Pasifika Network. This year’s sessions will cover a broad range of subjects from microfinance regulation in the Pacific to the growth of micro client’s businesses, going through women’s empowerment.

Investment Plan in Flanders

  •   Date: 14/09/2015
  •   Location: Brussels, Belgium
On Monday 14 September 2015, the European Investment Bank (EIB), Vleva (the Flemish-European agency) and the General Delegation of the Flemish Government to the EU, are joining forces to hold a large-scale information session about the Investment Plan for Europe, the innovative features of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) and the European Investment Bank’s financing services.

25th Economic Forum

  •   Date: 08/09/2015
  •   Location: Krynica, Poland
Organized for over 20 years, the Economic Forum in Krynica has become the biggest and the most important meeting place for political and economic leaders from Central and Eastern Europe. By that very fact, the Forum not only accompanies social and economic changes in these regions, but also shapes them.

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