Business events

Business events

The EIB organises or participates in many business events each year. These encompass seminars, fairs and conferences across all priorities and sectors. The Bank also organises and takes part in institutional events.


Date Title City Country or Territory
02/07/2018 EIB MED 2018: Improving Lives and Creating New Opportunities - The EU-Bank’s Economic Resilience Initiative Amman Jordan
14/06/2018 Bulgarian Presidency Conference: Innovative Enterprise Week Sofia Bulgaria
13/06/2018 EIB Blockchain Challenge Luxembourg Luxembourg
05/06/2018 Fourth annual EU conference on EAFRD financial instruments for agriculture and rural development in 2014-2020 Sofia Bulgaria
05/06/2018 Upgrade Your City: Investing in Smart and Sustainable Municipal Infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe Katowice Poland
05/05/2018 EIB Open Day – come see inside the Bank! Kirchberg Luxembourg
26/04/2018 Towards sustainability in the water sector – Major challenges and opportunities Brussels Belgium
23/04/2018 InnovFin at the 28th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Madrid Spain
18/04/2018 EIB at the 2018 World Bank Group/IMF Spring Meetings Washington, D.C United States
22/03/2018 1st EIB Venture Debt Summit Luxembourg
15/03/2018 Entrepreneurship outside the EU Brussels Belgium
11/03/2018 International Solar Alliance Summit New Delhi India
08/03/2018 Financial instruments funded by the European Social Fund – boosting social impact Brussels Belgium
07/03/2018 2018 World Ocean Summit Riviera Maya Mexico
01/03/2018 Global Careers for Women in International Organisations. Online
31/01/2018 ESF financial instruments supporting employment, entrepreneurship and social inclusion in the 2014-2020 programming period Rome Italy
18/01/2018 2018 annual press conference Brussels Belgium
17/01/2018 6th edition of the Euromed Capital Forum Barcelona Spain
15/01/2018 MOOC: Make the most of EU resources for your region or city Online
12/01/2018 ECONOMIC GROWTH DIALOGUE: The time to invest in Europe is now! New York United States
13/12/2017 EIB Investment in Education outside the EU Brussels Belgium
12/12/2017 EIB Group presents innovative finance at the Israel Innovation Authority promotional event Tel Aviv Israel
08/12/2017 Promoting private sector development and investment in Morocco Rabat Morocco
08/12/2017 EFSI stakeholders` consultation event Luxembourg Luxembourg
29/11/2017 AU-EU Summit: Investing in a sustainable future Abidjan Africa
29/11/2017 Non-Compliant Jurisdictions - EIB Stakeholder Engagement Seminar Brussels Belgium
29/11/2017 Financial instruments under the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) in the 2014-2020 programming period Brussels Belgium
29/11/2017 European Microfinance Week 2017 Luxembourg Luxembourg
27/11/2017 The EU Investment Plan Investing in Social Care & Support Brussels Belgium
23/11/2017 Sustainable Finance & Innovation Brussels Belgium
23/11/2017 Annual Economics Conference “Investment and Investment Finance" Luxembourg Luxembourg
22/11/2017 Equity Financing of the EU Economy Brussels Belgium
20/11/2017 Invest Week Brussels Belgium
14/11/2017 Conference on access to finance and banking in the CESEE Countries Kosovo
06/11/2017 EIB at COP23: UN climate change conference Bonn Germany
19/10/2017 Autonomy and the urban mobility summit Paris France
17/10/2017 The role of social financial intermediaries in deploying financial instruments under the European Social Fund in the 2014-2020 programming period Brussels Belgium
16/10/2017 Talents Handicap 2017 online
11/10/2017 SUERF Conference: “Globalisation Dynamics - EU and US perspectives” New York United States
10/10/2017 Third annual EU conference on EAFRD financial instruments for agriculture and rural development in 2014-2020 Paris France
09/10/2017 The EU bank at the 2017 World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings Washington DC United States
09/10/2017 EIB support for the 3rd edition of the African Microfinance Week (AMW) Addis-Abeba Ethiopia
03/10/2017 ESF financial instruments supporting social inclusion in the 2014-2020 programming period Madrid Spain
28/09/2017 EIB – partner for the National Congress of French Regions Orléans France
25/09/2017 International Symposium on Forestry Mechanisation’s - 50th anniversary Brasov Romania
21/09/2017 Investment Plan for Europe – A status update New York United States
21/09/2017 Connecting Europe Conference Tallinn Estonia
14/09/2017 EIB Investment in Digitalisation outside the EU Brussels Belgium
13/09/2017 Boosting investments in the Mediterranean Region Cairo Egypt
12/09/2017 ESIF financial instruments in the 2014-2020 programming period – Opportunities for Finnish regions. Kuopio Finland
11/09/2017 3rd International Water Association Conference “WATER CHALLENGES IN XXI CENTURY” Livorno Italy
03/09/2017 LCM 2017 Conference Luxembourg
29/08/2017 EIB Institute supports ERSA Congress Groningen Netherlands
27/08/2017 World Water Week Stockholm Sweden
20/07/2017 Visit of the ACP Committee of Ambassadors and ACP Secretariat Luxembourg Luxembourg
12/07/2017 Macro-regional conference on EAFRD financial instruments for agriculture and rural development in 2014-2020 Tallinn Estonia
06/07/2017 Africa Day 2017 Berlin Germany
04/07/2017 EU4Business in Moldova Chisinau Moldova, Republic of
26/06/2017 Cities4Climate 2020 series Brussels Belgium
21/06/2017 High-level conference on migration management Brussels Belgium
21/06/2017 UNIFE – 26th Annual General Assembly Barcelona Spain
20/06/2017 Luxembourg Circular Economy Hotspot Luxembourg Luxembourg
20/06/2017 GreenCircularDay Madrid Spain
07/06/2017 European Development Days 2017 Brussels Belgium
05/06/2017 World Circular Economy Forum Helsinki Finland
01/06/2017 Smart Cities and Circular Economy in Belgium – Cases Studies and Best Practices Brussels Belgium
31/05/2017 International Transport Forum Summit 2017 Leipzig Germany
31/05/2017 Maltese Presidency Conference: Innovative Enterprise Week Valletta Malta
22/05/2017 Innovate4Climate - Finance & Markets Week Barcelone Spain
18/05/2017 European Social Fund workshop on financial instruments supporting self-employment and entrepreneurship (Thematic Objective 8) in the 2014-2020 programming period Vienna Austria
08/05/2017 EU4Business in Georgia Tbilisi Georgia
04/05/2017 The State of the Union conference Florence Italy
26/04/2017 Renewable Energy outside the EU Brussels Belgium
22/04/2017 2017 Global Infrastructure Forum Washington DC United States
21/04/2017 EIB at the 2017 World Bank/IMF Spring meetings Washington, D.C. United States
10/04/2017 Investment and Investment Finance – Funding Growth and Recovery in Europe Dublin Ireland
05/04/2017 Micro- and macro-based methods in assessing the impact of investment Brussels Belgium
23/03/2017 Infrastructure for the Human Touch Zagreb Croatia
21/03/2017 Inclusive growth and competitiveness in Europe Brussels Belgium
20/03/2017 Investment and Investment Finance – The Austrian case Vienna Austria
14/03/2017 Financial instruments for enhancing SME competitiveness in the programming period 2014-2020 Brussels Belgium
10/03/2017 Reactivating the investment channel Paris France
06/03/2017 European Bank Co-ordination Vienna Initiative – Full Forum Luxembourg Luxembourg
03/03/2017 Supporting Innovation in Romania Bucharest Romania
02/03/2017 Supporting Innovation in Bulgaria Sofia Bulgaria
27/02/2017 EIB-NBP conference: Investment and Investment Finance – the Polish story Warsaw Poland
10/02/2017 EU4Business in Ukraine Kiev Ukraine
27/01/2017 Supporting Innovation in the Czech Republic Prague Czech Republic
18/01/2017 Boosting investments on the TEN-T Luxembourg Luxembourg
18/01/2017 Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place Brussels Belgium
11/01/2017 EIB’s External Lending Activity in the context of the EU Global Strategy Brussels Belgium
19/12/2016 Workshop: Activating the investment channel of growth, innovation and productivity Berlin Germany
13/12/2016 EIB Standards on Climate Action: Update on Climate Finance Tracking and Carbon Footprinting Brussels Belgium
09/12/2016 Joining forces for integrity Brussels Belgium
08/12/2016 From Investment Crisis to Investment Recovery Brussels Belgium
01/12/2016 Financial instruments under the ESF and EFSI, including microfinance – European and Italian perspectives Rome Italy
29/11/2016 Assessing and overcoming investment barriers in the EU: a sectoral and market perspective Brussels Belgium
28/11/2016 Supporting Innovation in the Western Balkans Belgrade Serbia
25/11/2016 Second EU fi-compass conference on EAFRD financial instruments for agriculture and rural development in 2014-2020 Brussels Belgium
22/11/2016 How to make your gender equality plan a success Belgium
21/11/2016 Africa Day 2016 Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire
18/11/2016 Supporting Small and Medium Business in Armenia Yerevan Armenia
18/11/2016 How to boost competitiveness and inclusive growth in Western, Northern and Southern Europe Luxembourg Luxembourg
17/11/2016 Annual Economics Conference: ‘Financing Productivity Growth in Europe’ Luxembourg Luxembourg
16/11/2016 Economists Advisory Group Meeting Luxembourg Luxembourg
16/11/2016 European Microfinance Week 2016 Luxembourg Luxembourg
07/11/2016 COP22 Marrakech Morocco
01/11/2016 Sanabel Conference 2016 Casablanca Morocco
27/10/2016 European Microfinance Day 2016 Brussels Belgium
26/10/2016 The 20th European Forum on Eco-innovation Tallinn Estonia
24/10/2016 EAFRD Macro-regional fi-compass seminar (Poland) Warsaw Poland
20/10/2016 Financial instruments for energy efficiency (Austria) Vienna Austria
19/10/2016 Sowing the seeds of impact: the EIB approach to agribusiness in Africa Brussels Belgium
17/10/2016 UN Habitat III Quito Ecuador
10/10/2016 Talents Handicap online
05/10/2016 Global Implications of Europe’s Redesign New York United States
29/09/2016 Investing for a 2 Degree World: Green Bond Market Development and EIB’s Contributions - EIB Stakeholder Engagement Workshop Brussels Belgium
27/09/2016 JASPERS Annual Stakeholders Meeting 2016 Rome Italy
27/09/2016 Selection of bodies implementing financial instruments under ESIF Brussels Belgium
27/09/2016 Credit Analysts: One Day with the EIB Online
15/09/2016 Supporting Innovation in Georgia Tbilisi Georgia
13/09/2016 Supporting Innovation in Ukraine Kiev Ukraine
08/09/2016 Climate Action in the Mediterranean Rabat Morocco
05/09/2016 Convergences World Forum Paris France
25/07/2016 What’s Holding Back the Private Sector in MENA? Cairo Egypt
13/07/2016 Supporting Innovation in Moldova Chisinau Moldova, Republic of
08/07/2016 7th European Summit of Regions and Cities Bratislava Slovakia
23/06/2016 EIB Group sponsoring 2016 Microfinance Centre Annual Conference Tirana Albania
22/06/2016 Africa Energy Forum London United Kingdom
22/06/2016 The increasing importance of equity funds in ACP economies Brussels
21/06/2016 TEN-T Days 2016 Rotterdam Netherlands
16/06/2016 The EIB Group is sponsoring the 2016 EMN Annual Conference Warsaw Poland
13/06/2016 Supporting Innovation in Hungary Budapest Hungary
13/06/2016 EAFRD financial instruments for agriculture and rural development in 2014-2020, Macro-regional fi-compass seminar Rome Italy
09/06/2016 Brussels Economic Forum 2016 Brussels Belgium
07/06/2016 Workshop on EFSI – European Investment for Growth and Jobs Berlin Germany
07/06/2016 Supporting Innovation in Israel Tel Aviv Israel
06/06/2016 Inclusive finance for employment and social innovation Brussels Belgium
01/06/2016 European Business Summit: Debating the Future of Europe Brussels Belgium
31/05/2016 EAFRD financial instruments for agriculture and rural development in 2014-2020, Macro-regional fi-compass seminar Madrid Spain
31/05/2016 Seminar on Synthetic Securitisation and Financial Guarantees London United Kingdom
30/05/2016 Green Week Brussels Belgium
26/05/2016 InnovFin Seminar – Horizon 2020 and the EIB Group: Investing in innovation in Tunisia Tunis Tunisia
25/05/2016 Carbon Expo: Global Carbon Market Fair & Conference Cologne Germany
23/05/2016 UN World Humanitarian Summit Istanbul Turkey
19/05/2016 New Financing Solutions for Companies – the Investment Plan for Europe Katowice Poland
18/05/2016 International Transport Forum 2016 Summit; Green and Inclusive Transport Leipzig Germany
12/05/2016 3rd Africa Finance meeting Frankfurt Germany
09/05/2016 Invest Differently – The Women Effect Luxembourg Luxembourg
04/05/2016 Climate Action 2016 Summit: Catalysing a Sustainable Future Washington DC United States
16/04/2016 Global Infrastructure Forum Washington DC United States
15/04/2016 International Conference for the New Financing Initiative to Support the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region Washington DC United States
14/04/2016 8th Annual Bertelsmann Foundation – Financial Times Conference Washington DC United States
14/04/2016 Global Connect Initiative Washington DC United States
14/04/2016 EIB at World Bank/IMF Spring meetings Washington, D.C. United States
14/04/2016 Cyprus: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds Nicosia Cyprus
11/04/2016 Manuel Valls on official visit to the EIB Luxembourg Luxembourg
04/04/2016 Economists Advisory Group Meeting Luxembourg Luxembourg
31/03/2016 Innovative Enterprise: Financing Ideas from Europe The Hague Netherlands
22/03/2016 France: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds Paris France
17/03/2016 Lithuania: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds Vilnius Lithuania
15/03/2016 ACP Climate Action Workshop Brussels Belgium
15/03/2016 Estonia: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds Tallinn Estonia
11/03/2016 EIB and France Stratégie Workshop Paris France
10/03/2016 Hungary: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds Budapest Hungary
08/03/2016 Poland: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds Warsaw Poland
07/03/2016 Hungary: National Press Conference Budapest Hungary
02/03/2016 International Green Growth Forum Cardiff United Kingdom
25/02/2016 Germany: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds Berlin Germany
22/02/2016 Supporting Innovation in Scotland Glasgow United Kingdom
18/02/2016 United Kingdom: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds London United Kingdom
11/02/2016 Malta: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds Valletta Malta
05/02/2016 Solving NPLs Through Innovative Solutions Aglantzia - Nicosia Cyprus
04/02/2016 Supporting Syria and the Region London United Kingdom
27/01/2016 Netherlands: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds The Hague Netherlands
21/01/2016 Slovenia: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds Ljubljana Slovenia
18/01/2016 Portugal: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds Lisbon Portugal
10/12/2015 Financing the Circular Economy Luxembourg Luxembourg
03/12/2015 Greece: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds Athens Greece
30/11/2015 The EIB at the COP 21 climate conference Paris France
24/11/2015 Africa Finance and Investment Forum Cape Town South Africa
19/11/2015 Impact Finance Workshop Brussels Belgium
18/11/2015 European Microfinance Week 2015 Luxembourg Luxembourg
10/11/2015 JASPERS Annual Stakeholders Meeting 2015 Brussels Belgium
09/11/2015 JASPERS 10th anniversary Brussels Belgium
06/11/2015 Supporting Innovation in Spain Bilbao Spain
05/11/2015 2015 Microfinance Centre Conference Prague Czech Republic
30/10/2015 Latvia: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds Riga Latvia
29/10/2015 2nd Atlantic Stakeholder Platform conference Brest France
26/10/2015 15th FEMIP Conference Luxembourg Luxembourg
23/10/2015 Supporting Innovation in Ireland Dublin Ireland
22/10/2015 Italy: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds Rome Italy
22/10/2015 Supporting Innovation in the United Kingdom London United Kingdom
21/10/2015 Financial instruments and the European Social Fund Rome Italy
20/10/2015 2015 Sanabel Conference Sharm El Sheikh Egypt
13/10/2015 Workshop on EIB financing of SMEs through financial intermediaries Brussels Belgium
08/10/2015 Romania: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds Bucharest Romania
06/10/2015 Opportunities for Swedish business outside the EU Stockholm Sweden
06/10/2015 Bulgaria: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds Sofia Bulgaria
02/10/2015 Slovakia: Financial instruments for the European Structural and Investment Funds Bratislava Slovakia
01/10/2015 Financial instruments and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development Vienna Austria
24/09/2015 Luxembourg Sustainability Forum Luxembourg Luxembourg
22/09/2015 Financing of regional and municipal investments in the Czech Republic Hradece Czech Republic
22/09/2015 Netherlands and Caribbean Trade Mission Amsterdam Netherlands
21/09/2015 Pacific Microfinance Week 2015 Honiara Solomon Islands
15/09/2015 NCFF Information Webinar Online webinar
14/09/2015 Investment Plan in Flanders Brussels Belgium
08/09/2015 25th Economic Forum Krynica Poland
13/07/2015 Financing for Development Addis Ababa Ethiopia
09/07/2015 Africa Day 2015 Luxembourg Luxembourg
06/07/2015 6th Caribbean Microfinance Forum Miami United States
29/06/2015 African Microfinance Week 2015 Dakar Senegal
29/06/2015 Investment Finance in Austria Vienna Austria
17/06/2015 Greater Region Business Days Luxembourg Luxembourg
15/06/2015 First Innovative Enterprise Week Riga Latvia
12/06/2015 Supporting Innovation in Slovenia Ljubljana Slovenia
11/06/2015 Supporting Innovation in Croatia Zagreb Croatia
04/06/2015 MEDCOP 21 Marseille France
26/05/2015 Carbon Expo 2015 Barcelona Spain
22/05/2015 Metropolitan Solutions Berlin Germany
22/05/2015 Climate Finance Day 2015 Paris France
21/05/2015 3rd Eastern Partnership Business Forum Riga Latvia
08/05/2015 NCFF Information event Brussels Belgium
20/04/2015 Developing countries - the opportunities for the private sector Luxembourg Luxembourg
20/04/2015 European Economic Congress 2015 Katowice Poland
16/04/2015 Supporting Innovation in Turkey Istanbul Turkey
23/03/2015 EC-EIB co-operation in agriculture and rural development within the EU Brussels Belgium
19/03/2015 Financing Investment in Partner and Neighbouring Countries Berlin Germany
12/03/2015 EIB supporting access to finance for SMEs and midcaps in ACP countries Brussels Belgium
11/03/2015 Social Investor Working Group Meeting Luxembourg Luxembourg
10/03/2015 Financing of regional and municipal investments Nitra Slovakia
02/03/2015 Momentum for Europe Berlin Germany
27/02/2015 Supporting Innovation in Portugal Lisbon Portugal
05/02/2015 InnovFin Seminar – Supporting Innovation in Finland Helsinki Finland
04/02/2015 InnovFin Seminar - Innovation financing as a business opportunity Stockholm Sweden
19/01/2015 Financial Instruments under ESIF conference Brussels Belgium
16/01/2015 InnovFin Seminar - Supporting Innovation in France Paris France
11/12/2014 Business Cooperation - Africa Warsaw Poland
11/12/2014 JASPERS Annual Stakeholders Meeting 2014 Athens Greece
11/12/2014 InnovFin Seminar – EU Finance for Innovators in the Nordics Oslo Norway
01/12/2014 The EIB at the COP 20 climate conference Lima Peru
27/11/2014 EIB financing of SMEs workshop Brussels Belgium
12/11/2014 European Microfinance Week 2014 Luxembourg Luxembourg
07/11/2014 UK Businesses: Opportunities through the International Development Work of EIB London United Kingdom
06/11/2014 InnovFin Seminar – EU Finance for Innovators and Growth Companies in Poland Warsaw Poland
03/11/2014 2nd Africa Finance 2014 Frankfurt-am-Main Germany
30/10/2014 14th FEMIP Conference - "Tools for growth: Driving investment in the Mediterranean region" Naples Italy
29/10/2014 ACP Group Open Day Brussels Belgium
22/10/2014 Unlocking finance for SMEs Brussels Belgium
08/10/2014 InnovFin Seminar – EU and National Financial Instruments for Innovative and Growth Companies in the Netherlands The Hague Netherlands
23/09/2014 EIB supporting UN Climate Summit 2014 New York United States
22/09/2014 Innovative Financing for Innovative Water Projects Lisbon Portugal
04/09/2014 Conference on ‘Investment Finance and the Recovery’ Lisbon Portugal
02/09/2014 24th Economic Forum Krynica-Zdrój Poland
31/08/2014 World Water Week Stockholm Sweden
24/07/2014 3rd African Women’s Economic Summit 2014 Lusaka Zambia
08/07/2014 InnovFin Seminar – EU Finance for Innovators Luxembourg Luxembourg
23/06/2014 European Financial Congress Sopot Poland
18/06/2014 Africa Energy Forum Istanbul Turkey
04/06/2014 AFIF 2014 Cologne Germany
03/06/2014 Baltic Development Forum Summit Turku Finland
28/05/2014 Open Innovation Seminar Luxembourg Luxembourg
28/05/2014 Carbon Expo 2014 Cologne Germany
28/05/2014 Climate Adaptation in European Cities Bonn Germany
21/05/2014 International Transport Forum Leipzig Germany
15/05/2014 Investment Opportunities in the Netherlands Amsterdam Netherlands
12/05/2014 European Business Days Utrecht Netherlands
12/05/2014 Supporting investment in innovation in the UK London United Kingdom
22/04/2014 Assises Européennes du Financement des Entreprises Lyon France
13/04/2014 German-African Energy Forum Hamburg Germany
07/04/2014 Hannover Messe Hannover Germany
03/04/2014 Does Europe Matter? Brussels Belgium
31/03/2014 EU-Africa Business Forum Brussels Belgium
24/03/2014 Investment Finance in Croatia Zagreb Croatia
21/03/2014 German Marshall Fund YPS Brussels Belgium
17/03/2014 The EIB supports the economy of Kosovo Pristina Kosovo
12/03/2014 SME Financing in Eastern Neighbours and Central Asia Countries Luxembourg Luxembourg
10/03/2014 Investment in Europe Vienna Austria
03/03/2014 Global Forum Spain 2014 Bilbao Spain
05/02/2014 EU Access to Finance Day Dublin Ireland
30/01/2014 Conference CSI-Europe towards 2014 – 2020 Luxembourg Luxembourg
10/12/2013 13th FEMIP Conference - "Energy Efficiency in the Mediterranean region" Brussels Belgium
28/11/2013 2nd Eastern Partnership Business Forum Vilnius Lithuania
14/11/2013 EIB Annual Economics Conference 2013 Luxembourg Luxembourg
11/11/2013 The EIB at the COP 19 climate conference Warsaw Poland
05/11/2013 Africa Finance Conference Bonn Germany
14/10/2013 IWA Congress Nairobi Kenya
08/10/2013 Budapest Water Summit Budapest Hungary
17/09/2013 Convergences World Forum Paris France
16/09/2013 Banking in the Mediterranean Luxembourg Luxembourg
12/09/2013 ACP water investment workshop Brussels Belgium
26/08/2013 EEA Annual Conference Gothenburg Sweden
24/06/2013 EIB at EU Sustainable Energy Week 2013 Brussels Belgium
24/06/2013 European Enterprise Financing Conference Paris France
24/06/2013 The European Financial Congress Sopot Poland
29/05/2013 Carbon Expo 2013 Barcelona Spain
29/05/2013 Baltic Development Forum Summit Riga Latvia
28/05/2013 Development Policy Forum Roundtable Brussels Belgium
22/05/2013 International Transport Forum Leipzig Germany
15/05/2013 European Business Summit Brussels Belgium
13/05/2013 Conference on investing in Europe’s regions and cities Brussels Belgium
13/05/2013 European Economic Congress Katowice Poland
22/04/2013 Africa Business Week Frankfurt Germany
18/04/2013 12th FEMIP Conference – “Mediterranean blue economy: enhancing marine and maritime cooperation” Athens Greece
04/04/2013 Anna Lindh Mediterranean Forum Marseille France
20/03/2013 Banks For Growth - European Banking Federation annual conference Bruxelles Belgium
20/03/2013 Upgrading Jordan's Water Sector Amman Jordan
23/01/2013 Banking in Sub Saharan Africa roundtable Luxembourg Luxembourg
21/01/2013 The Mutual Reliance Initiative (MRI): Effective partnering for growth & development Bruxelles Belgium
27/11/2012 The Danube Region and a more competitive Europe Regensburg Germany
27/11/2012 11th FEMIP Conference – "Towards Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean" Marseille France
26/11/2012 Paths to growth in Europe’s centre, east and south-east Helsinki Finland
26/11/2012 EIB at the COP 18 climate conference Doha Qatar
23/11/2012 Space for Med Initiative Barcelona Spain
15/11/2012 4th European Microfinance award goes to Philippine agriculture micro-credit firm Luxembourg Luxembourg
14/11/2012 Ideas to end financial exclusion in the southern Mediterranean Luxembourg Luxembourg
13/11/2012 Promoting financial inclusion in sub-Saharan Africa: the role of EIB and its partners Brussels Belgium
07/11/2012 EPC event: A push for growth and jobs Brussels Belgium
16/10/2012 The EIB high level panel at the European Development Days (EDDS) 2012 Brussels Belgium
11/10/2012 EIB supports investor’s fair Tunis Tunisia
08/10/2012 Growth and Employment: the role of long-term investors – 4th LTIC International Conference Luxembourg Luxembourg
20/09/2012 Ljubljana Forum 2012 – Future of cities: Energy efficiency & being always online Ljubljana Slovenia
27/06/2012 7th JESSICA Networking Platform 2012 Brussels Belgium
18/06/2012 The EIB contributes to EU Sustainable Energy Week 2012 Brussels Belgium
14/06/2012 Investment and Growth in the Time of Climate Change Brussels Belgium
31/05/2012 EIB promoting investment and jobs at Arab Spring summit Brussels Belgium
30/05/2012 The EIB talks carbon finance at Carbon Expo 2012 Cologne Germany
29/05/2012 Mission Growth Conference Brussels Belgium
24/05/2012 Eastern Partnership for Growth Vienna Austria
22/05/2012 EIB’s support for water projects showcased at the Green Week Brussels Belgium
21/05/2012 President Hoyer participates in first Africa Business Week Frankfurt Germany
27/04/2012 Efficient Allocation of Structural Funds for Regional and Urban Development Aachen Germany
16/04/2012 EU sustainable energy for all summit Brussels Belgium
29/03/2012 Delivering Smart City Projects: JESSICA conference Malmö Sweden
27/03/2012 Supporting SMEs in developing countries London SE1 7NA United Kingdom
26/03/2012 Corporate Seminar on EIB funding and UK government financial support for RDI London United Kingdom
12/03/2012 EIB at the World Water Forum Marseilles France
08/03/2012 10th FEMIP Conference Tunis Tunisia
23/02/2012 Tackling climate change: Making Green Growth a Reality Athens Greece
15/12/2011 European Development Days 2011 Warsaw Poland
05/12/2011 Conference on innovation Bruxelles Belgium
28/11/2011 Climate Negotiations Durban South Africa
09/11/2011 JESSICA at UrbanPromo 2011 Bologna Italy
02/11/2011 European Microfinance Week 2011 Luxembourg Luxembourg
27/10/2011 JEREMIE and JESSICA: delivering results Warsaw Poland
27/10/2011 Conference 2011: productivity and Europe’s long-term growth potential Luxembourg Luxembourg
13/10/2011 EIB supports investor fair in Ghana Accra Ghana
06/10/2011 "Clear direction" needed for wind energy Hamburg Germany
28/06/2011 6th JESSICA Networking Platform 2011 Brussels Belgium
30/05/2011 Mediterranean infrastructure challenges: the potential of PPPs Casablanca Morocco
11/04/2011 EIB to participate at EU Sustainable Energy Week Brussels Belgium
31/03/2011 JESSICA Networking Platform 2011 Brussels Belgium
17/02/2011 Public-Private Partnership: Prospects in the Mediterranean Region Paris France
29/11/2010 JEREMIE & JESSICA: Towards Successful Implementation Brussels Belgium
29/11/2010 EIB takes part in Climate Change Conference Cancun Mexico
26/11/2010 Energy and Transport Diversity Warsaw Poland
11/11/2010 Conference in Economics and Finance 2010 Luxembourg Luxembourg
09/11/2010 Microfinance in Europe Brussels Belgium
22/10/2010 Smart Growth for Turkey Istanbul Turkey
20/07/2010 Business and Human Rights Seminar Johannesburg South Africa
28/06/2010 Strategic Investment Planning For Educational Infrastructure Luxembourg Luxembourg
04/06/2010 A Business View on Human Rights London United Kingdom
01/06/2010 Biodiversity: The EIB participates in Green Week 2010 Brussels Belgium
26/05/2010 The EIB at Carbon Expo 2010 Köln Germany
10/05/2010 8th FEMIP Conference - Energy Valencia Spain
29/04/2010 EIB lending outside the EU: a way forward Brussels Belgium
22/03/2010 EU Sustainable Energy Week 2010 Brussels Belgium
15/03/2010 7th FEMIP Conference - R&D and Innovation Tunis Tunisia
07/12/2009 EIB takes part in Copenhagen conference on climate change Copenhagen Denmark
26/11/2009 The EIB: Partner to Towns and Municipalities Frankfurt Germany
24/11/2009 European Microfinance Week 2009 Luxembourg Luxembourg
16/11/2009 Euro Finance Week 2009 Frankfurt am Main Germany
05/11/2009 URBANPROMO 2009 Venice Italy
22/10/2009 EIB at the European Development Days ÄLVSJÖ Sweden
22/10/2009 Conference in Economics and Finance 2009 Luxembourg Luxembourg
22/10/2009 JEREMIE and JESSICA conference Brussels Belgium
08/10/2009 "Medinas 2030" Seminar Marseille France
05/10/2009 Working with JASPERS on R&D projects Prague Czech Republic
24/09/2009 SMEs Conference (Paris) Paris France
27/08/2009 JESSICA - The EU Regional Science Association Congress Lodz Poland
07/07/2009 Euro-Mediterranean Finance Ministers meet Brussels Belgium
14/05/2009 JESSICA for Cities - J4C Luxembourg Luxembourg
11/05/2009 6th FEMIP Conference Monaco Monaco
30/03/2009 EIB Conference: "Financing for small and medium Enterprises in Romania" Bucharest Romania
12/03/2009 EIB Forum 2009 Barcelona Spain
06/03/2009 5th FEMIP Conference Rabat Morocco
22/01/2009 International Policy Conference on Student Loans Luxembourg Luxembourg
11/12/2008 Financing Research, Development and Innovation Milan Italy
21/11/2008 50th anniversary conference of the EIB Madrid Spain
18/11/2008 The EIB hosts a seminar on human capital in the Mediterranean Luxembourg Luxembourg
12/11/2008 UrbanPromo 2008 Venice Italy
11/11/2008 EIB Partnership with Commercial Banks for the Financing of SME's, Industry, Technology and Infrastructure Athens Greece
06/11/2008 Seminar on the EIB's Financial Instruments Warsaw Poland
15/10/2008 EIB hosts 50th anniversary conference Bratislava Slovakia
26/09/2008 Seminar on the EIB's Financial Instruments Helsinki Finland
16/09/2008 EU institutions launch PPP expertise centre Paris France
01/07/2008 Changement climatique en Méditerranée: les impacts sur les politiques de l'Énergie et de l'Eau Paris France
12/06/2008 Seminar on the EIB's Financial Instruments Vilnius Lithuania
12/06/2008 Conference in Economics and Finance 2008 Luxembourg Luxembourg
05/06/2008 Financing climate change mitigation Dresden Germany
16/05/2008 Seminar on the EIB's Financial Instruments Copenhagen Denmark
05/05/2008 4th FEMIP Conference Tunis Tunisia
11/04/2008 Seminar on the EIB's Financial Instruments Stockholm Sweden
08/04/2008 Premier forum de l'Investissement des pays membres de l'Accord d'Agadir Bruxelles Belgium
06/03/2008 3rd FEMIP Conference Berlin Germany
15/11/2007 JESSICA: a joint initiative between the EU Commission, the CEB and the EIB Madrid Spain
08/11/2007 Funding for research, development and innovation - The Key to the Future Vienna Austria
27/09/2007 EIB Forum 2007: Investing in Energy, Mastering Climate Change Ljubljana Slovenia
28/06/2007 Conference : EIB Financing outside the EU Brussels Belgium
15/06/2007 EIB Seminar : Financing cleaner Energy Brussels Belgium
01/06/2007 EIB’s strategy and projects Santiago de Compostela Spain
10/05/2007 The Securitisation Market Warsaw Poland
02/05/2007 Carbon Expo 2007 Cologne Germany
29/03/2007 Seminar of the European Investment Bank and the European Commission: New Instruments for RDI financing Madrid Spain
22/03/2007 2nd FEMIP Conference 2007 Paris France
16/03/2007 Conference: EIB 20 years in Portugal – perspectives for the future Lisbon Portugal
25/01/2007 Conference in Economics and Finance Luxembourg Luxembourg
14/12/2006 Conference: Financing for Research & Development Brussels Belgium
23/11/2006 Conference: EIB Financing for the water sector Bucharest Romania
09/11/2006 1st FEMIP Conference 2006 Monaco Monaco
03/11/2006 EIB joins Festival of Science Genoa Italy
19/10/2006 EIB Forum 2006, Athens: South-East Europe - A Region on the Move Athens Greece
05/07/2006 EIB Financing of Financial Institutions Bulgaria Bulgaria
19/06/2006 EIB Financing for the water sector Poznan Poland
30/05/2006 Green Week 2006 Brussels Belgium
29/05/2006 Conference: Guidelines and opportunities for working on EU regional development Brussels Belgium
18/05/2006 Conference: "Science Parks - a tool for the development of the knowledge economy?" Luxembourg Luxembourg
10/05/2006 Carbon Expo 2006 Cologne Germany
30/03/2006 Conference: "EIB Financing for Municipalities and Regions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia" Brno Czech Republic
19/01/2006 Conference in Economics and Finance 2006 Luxembourg Luxembourg
01/12/2005 Conference: Changing markets for FDI - EIB Financing of Foreign Direct Investment in Poland Wroclaw Poland
27/10/2005 EIB Forum 2005: Closing the Innovation Gap Helsinki Finland
03/06/2005 Conference: "EIB Financing of Municipalities in Poland" Katowice Poland
30/05/2005 Green Week 2005 Luxembourg Belgium
12/05/2005 Pioneer student loan scheme and lecture at the University of Budapest Budapest Hungary
15/04/2005 EIB to host meeting of Economic Policy Panel Luxembourg Luxembourg
17/03/2005 Conferenza stampa Roma Italy
17/03/2005 Conference: "Investing in Turkey" Istanbul Turkey
20/01/2005 Conference: "Innovative financing of infrastructure: The role of Public-Private Partnerships" Luxembourg Luxembourg
20/01/2005 Bridge forum Dialogue on Private / Public Partnerships Luxembourg Luxembourg
13/01/2005 EuroMediterranean Investment Summit Marseille France
16/12/2004 Conference: Stimulating investments in the Mediterranean-FEMIP’s role Madrid Spain
09/12/2004 Conference: "How to stimulate European competitiveness" Paris France
06/12/2004 EIB present at COP 10 Buenos Aires Argentina
14/10/2004 EIB Forum 2004: Investing in the New Member States Warsaw Poland
10/06/2004 Conference: Research, Development and Innovation Prague Czech Republic
01/06/2004 International Conference for Renewable Energy 2004 Bonn Germany
01/06/2004 Green Week 2004 Brussels Belgium
29/04/2004 Conference: Strategies and Frameworks for Hungary’s Growth and Convergence after EU Accession Budapest Hungary
19/02/2004 Seminar "Human Capital: a renewable resource to be renewed" Rome Italy
22/01/2004 Private Sector Development in the Mediterranean Partner Countries: The role of the EIB London United Kingdom
22/01/2004 Conference in Economics and Finance 2004 Luxembourg Luxembourg
16/01/2004 Conference: "Enterprise development - a key dimension of Morocco's economy" Casablanca Morocco
23/10/2003 EIB Forum 2003: Visions of Environmental Sustainability: Europe's Long Term Energy and Water Policies Dublin Ireland
10/06/2003 Conference on Private-Sector Development in the Mediterranean Partner Countries Brussels Belgium
02/06/2003 Launch of the EIB’s Investment Facility according to the Cotonou Agreement Luxembourg Luxembourg
24/04/2003 Colloque "Investissement durable en Méditerranée" Marseille France
10/04/2003 Public Private Partnerships for public infrastructure projects Berlin Germany
06/02/2003 Improving transport infrastructure in South Eastern Europe Luxembourg Luxembourg
07/11/2002 EIB Forum 2002: Countdown to enlargement - a practical perspective Vienna Austria
18/10/2002 Launch of Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership (FEMIP) Thessaloniki Greece
11/07/2002 Pressegespräch Schwerin Germany
01/03/2002 Pressegespräch Berlin Germany
31/01/2002 Conférence de presse : La BEI dans les pays du Partenariat Euro-Méditerranéen - Bilan et perspective Paris France
14/02/2001 Development of Trans-European Transport Networks : the Way Forward Strasbourg France
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