The EPEC Executive

Synthesing and disseminating the experience of EPEC members as practical and operational guidance

The EPEC Executive is a full time team which gives analytical support to the EPEC network and is responsible for delivering EPEC's work programme.  The Executive is made up of staff of EIB and staff joining us on secondment from external organisations. Secondees come from both Member organisations and the private sector.

The Executive is supported by a full time secretariat of two, as well as a small number of interns.

Employment opportunities in the Executive, as well as internships, are posted on EIB's web site.  Organisations interested in seconding staff to EPEC are invited to contact the Executive directly (

Who supervises EPEC?

Steering Committee

EPEC's Steering Committee is made up senior staff of the EIB and the European Commission.  The Steering Committee approves EPEC's annual work programme and resources.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory  Committee made up of representatives of EPEC's Membership advises the Steering Committee on EPEC's work programme and guides EPEC's full time Executive on the delivery of the programme.

All Members meeting

EPEC's annual 'All Members' meeting provides an opportunity for Members to give their views on EPEC's work to date and priorities for the future.  It is also an excellent opportunity for Members to discuss trends, challenges and issues with colleagues and peers from across Europe.

EPEC Executive

  • Chris Blades, Head of EPEC
  • Edward Farquharson, Principal Advisor
  • Guy Chetrit, Principal Advisor
  • François Gaudet, Principal Advisor
  • Clément FourchyPrincipal Advisor (Seconded by Service Public 2000, France)
  • Stuart Broom, Advisor
  • Marcin Woronowicz, Advisor
  • Tomislav Veceric , Advisor
  • Orestes Armengod, Advisor 
  • Micaela Celio, Advisor
  • Luigi Borrelli, Consultant
  • Walid Kfoury, Trainee
  • Nathalie Thomas, Assistant
  • Marta Andrzejewska, Assistant

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