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The EU bank at a glance

EIB at a glance

An energy efficiency tool
A new online tool makes it easier for companies and individuals to get bank loans for energy efficiency projects.

What colour is the cloud?
Digital technology and the Internet in particular are often associated with a new, greener economy. Discover the truth about our digital carbon footprint and how to reduce it.

Will travelling be more sustainable in the future?
Transport is key to developing a greener and more sustainable economy. Listen to this podcast and meet the people working on innovative projects throughout Europe.

Affordable housing in Poland: The story of Szymon’s room
In Poznań, affordable housing gets a boost when an established local company joins forces with the EIB and baby Szymon gets a room of his own.

The EIB welcomes the European Council’s call for more climate action
As the EU bank, one of the largest climate action lenders globally, we face a special responsibility to mobilise finance to fight global warming and to mitigate its consequences.

70 students from seven universities attend EIB summer school
Participants from 28 countries attended lectures presented by EIB Group staff members, who shared their expertise about the EIB Group’s role and impact on finance, economy, social development and sustainability.

The Investment Plan for Europe at a glance

The Investment Plan for Europe at a glance

The first social impact bond for migrants and refugees in Europe
The Finnish Koto-SIB Programme is the first social impact bond designed to help migrants and refugees in Europe. Supported by the EU’s Investment Plan for Europe, the program will raise funds to teach immigrants Finnish and to provide job training and placement so newcomers can integrate better.

See it on the map
Take a look at a selection of projects that show how the Investment Plan for Europe is making the European Union more competitive.

The latest results
The Investment Plan for Europe continues to mobilise investment to boost the European economy in a sustainable way.

The European Investment Fund at a glance

The European Investment Fund at a glance

Europe supports small businesses in the Faroe Islands and Greenland
In the Arctic region, the majority of companies are smaller and have more difficulties obtaining loans. A new agreement between the EIF and BankNordik is making 300 million Danish krone available for loans to small businesses.

€330 million to support Italian small and medium-sized businesses
The deal signed by the EIB Group and Banco BPM in Italy unlocks more than EUR 300 million for new loans to Italian businesses.

€500 million in capital available for French companies
Two major deals signed with HSBC France will significantly increase lending for French firms specialising in energy transition and innovation.

Latest publications

Feeding future generations: How finance can boost innovation in agri-food

More innovation and an expanded use of technology is needed for food production to meet the challenges of the future. This report looks at research and innovation financing in the European agri-food sector and explains how it can be improved.

European Investment Bank Annual Report 2018 on EIB Activity in Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacific, and the Overseas Countries and Territories

In this report you will find inspiring stories of female entrepreneurs in Ethiopia, discover how The Gambia is securing energy for vital public services, read about funding for small businesses in Haiti and the Federated States of Micronesia, and learn how irrigation assistance is allowing farmers to work previously barren, dry land in the small African country of Eswatini, or Swaziland.

Complaints Mechanism Activity Report 2018

The EIB Complaints Mechanism provides citizens with an outlet for complaints about the potentially negative consequences of our projects, whether they be social or environmental. In 2018, it registered 94 new cases and managed to close a record 120 cases.

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European Forum

Alpach – 14 to 30 August

59th ERSA Congress

Lyon – 27 to 30 August

G7 Summit

Biarritz – 24 to 26 August

World Water Week

Stockholm – 25 to 30 August

Global Forum

Toronto – 4 to 6 September

World Economic Forum on Africa

Cape Town – 4 to 6 September

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