The EIB supports the transition to a low-carbon economy

The EIB supports the transition to a low-carbon economy
Energies POSIT’IF renovates thousands of condominiums in the Paris region, and they just received a helping hand in the form of a EUR 100 million loan from the EIB. Watch the video.

The EIB targets innovative businesses

The EIB targets innovative businesses
Creta Farms is one of them. Discover how a cash injection from the Investment Plan for Europe enables them to find innovative ways to produce healthier meats.

Recently approved projects

The latest projects set to receive finance from the EU bank!

One minute, one project

Water security: So that the economy doesn’t dry up

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USD 81 billion to tackle climate change in 2015

Climate finance totalling USD 81 billion was mobilised for projects funded by the world’s six largest multilateral development banks (MDBs), among them the European Investment Bank, in 2015. This included USD 25 billion of MDBs’ direct climate finance, combined with a further USD 56 billion from other investors.

EIB approves EUR 9.4 billion new loans, including EUR 2.8 billion under Investment Plan for Europe

The Board of Directors of the EIB approved EUR 9.4 billion of new financing for 56 projects across Europe and around the world. This includes more than EUR 2.8 billion of new loans for 19 projects backed by the EU budget guarantee under EFSI. The EIB Board also agreed to provide more than EUR 750 million for investment in 8 projects outside Europe.


EIB agrees EUR 40m lending programme to focus on youth unemployment in Greece

The EIB provides EUR 40 million to support new small business lending by the Pancretan Cooperative Bank that focuses on creating jobs for unemployed young people. The new lending programme follows dedicated support for youth employment provided over the last 18 months by the Pancretan Cooperative Bank, also backed by the EIB.


Private sector is key driver for growth in the Middle East and North Africa

The EIB, the EBRD and the World Bank Group, have collaborated on a joint report called “What’s holding back the private sector in MENA?”. It draws lessons from the MENA Enterprise Survey of more than 6,000 firms in the Middle East and North Africa.




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