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EIB at a glance

EIB at a glance

EIB Climate Survey: 75% of Europeans willing to fly less to fight climate change

Europeans prefer trains to planes for trips that take five hours or less. See the full results of the second EIB Climate Survey.

Urban climate action helps Latin America and Asia lower emissions

An EIB-German programme is fighting climate change in Latin America and Asia where it’s most needed - in fast-growing cities.

Why the EIB scaled up its commitment to the climate

Climate change means all of us have to take action. Institutions, companies and households need to change the way they act. Here’s how the EIB will change, in Werner Hoyer's words.

Climate Solutions series: What are your virtual emissions?

The environment mostly benefits from digital technology, but our online activity and use of mobile devices do have an impact on the climate.

How much is nature worth?

We don’t have to choose between protecting nature or the economy. Our climate podcast episode on biodiversity details the economic value of nature.

Clean up your commute to work

Cleaner urban transport can play a big role in halting climate change - and saving our lungs. Our climate podcast episode on urban transport lays out a roadmap to better mobility.

Hi-tech solutions for a cleaner planet

Research and innovation are essential if we want to save our limited resources and increase resilience to climate change. But these solutions are risky. Our advisory services help companies’ new technologies succeed.

Microfinance on the streets of Burkina Faso

Mariam Koanda always wanted to build her business, but she couldn’t get financial support. With a microfinance loan, she finally got her wish.

Lake Turkana wind farm brings clean energy to Kenya

The Lake Turkana wind farm is setting a new standard in renewable energy. It's the biggest farm of its kind in Africa and will save up to 700 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Caribbean communities protect themselves from extreme weather

The EIB and the Caribbean Development Bank are working together to help small island states build resilience to climate change.

The European Investment Fund at a glance

The European Investment Fund at a glance

A €500 million increase in financing for businesses in Central and Eastern Europe

A deal signed by the EIF and UniCredit in Italy increases financing for small businesses in nine countries by €500 million. Companies in these countries now have access to €1 billion in financing.

Revolutionising financing for agriculture

What do farming and financial instruments have in common? Balazs Podmaniczky explains how financial instruments and agriculture can generate big results out of something very small.

How venture capital helps start-ups in Europe

This report looks at about 9,000 firms backed by venture capital and analyses their performance. It recognises that not all start-ups survive, and those that survive are not always as successful as their founders had hoped.

Latest publications

EIB energy lending policy

EIB Investment Report 2019/2020 - Key Findings: accelerating Europe's transformation

The key findings summarise our conclusions on investment financing in the European Union. Available in English, French and German.

EIB energy lending policy

EIB Investment Survey 2019

This unique annual survey studies the investment activities of more than 12 000 companies across the European Union, analysing their financing needs and the difficulties they face.

EIB energy lending policy

Ten years of the Vienna Initiative 2009-2019

In response to the global financial crisis, international institutions worked closely with national authorities and private global banks to curb disruptions and restore confidence in the financial system.

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