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The EU bank at a glance

EIB at a glance

Wise Persons: Europe needs a dedicated development bank
EIB President Hoyer welcomed a report by the Wise Persons Group that proposed creating a European climate and sustainable development bank to streamline and strengthen Europe’s response to development challenges around the world.

Bill Gates and EIB will work together on inequality and the climate
Bill Gates and President Hoyer discussed new initiatives to improve medical testing in Africa, expand malaria research and boost financing for clean energy.

EIB at IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings
Gender equality, sustainable urban development, clean energy and climate change are high on the EIB’s agenda at the annual meetings in Washington. Read how the EIB is helping the world meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Stemming the brain drain: Tunisian graduates stay home to find jobs
When Feten graduated with an engineering degree from the prestigious Ecole nationale d’ingénieur in Tunisia, she thought she would have to leave her country to find work in her field. Instead, Feten got her dream job close to her family and friends.

New financing tools help Arab women develop businesses
Meet a group of Arab women entrepreneurs and find out how women thrive when they get loans and other support to start businesses. When women flourish, they help the whole economy.

Climate Solutions essay series addresses humanity’s biggest threat
Climate Solutions details the challenges, lays out the solutions and shows exactly what you must do to make them happen. Whether you’re a policymaker, a financial institution or a citizen, Climate Solutions is your checklist to save humanity.

Our latest podcast series busts many myths: Are there monsters under the bed?
In the first episode we address, with help from the EIB’s climate specialist Wouter Meindertsma, the actual monsters and how the light we leave on at night wastes money on electricity and causes more greenhouse gas.

The Investment Plan for Europe at a glance

The Investment Plan for Europe at a glance

Sweden: €300 million for affordable and efficient housing
A Swedish residential property company will develop eight projects in five cities in Sweden, resulting in about 3,300 affordable homes to rent.

See it on the map
Take a look at a selection of projects that show how the Investment Plan for Europe is making the European Union more competitive.

List of projects
The Investment Plan for Europe continues to mobilise investment to boost the European economy in a sustainable way.

The European Investment Fund at a glance

The European Investment Fund at a glance

A self-taught businessman provides a roof to homeless people in Romania
Pop Industry, owned by Dan Popescu, makes trailers for the agricultural industry and containers that offer homes for vulnerable parts of society. A loan guaranteed by the European Union is helping the company succeed.

UglyDuck19: The EIF’s 2019 European Venture Conference
The EIF’s Ugly Duck event brought together the European venture capital community to discuss industry issues and identify how venture capital in Europe is developing.

Loans for cultural entrepreneurs who can’t get help from traditional banks
An EIF deal with Marginalen Bank provides financing for music, design, architecture, fashion, art and videogame developers in Sweden.

€15 million for new Croatian fund that helps the environment and society
A new Croatian social impact fund, called the Feelsgood Fund, will invest in start-ups that are helping the climate or society in areas such as financial inclusion, agriculture, circular economy, education and healthcare. The European Investment Fund contributed €15 million to this new fund.

Latest publications

The EIB outside the European Union – 2018

The EIB outside the European Union – 2018

Read how our financing outside the EU will improve water and sanitation for 12 million people, produce enough clean electricity for 30 million homes and support businesses that provide a quarter of a million jobs.

Three foundations: A competitive, sustainable, inclusive Europe

Three foundations: A competitive, sustainable, inclusive Europe

We need to reimagine European unity as a collective endeavour. This is the only way we can address the threats that face us and create a better life for everyone. This report outlines how we can achieve this goal.

The EIB in the city: Investment on the agenda

The EIB in the city: Investment on the agenda

Future cities need to face up to challenges in climate, productivity, knowledge, social mobility and resilience. Here’s how the EU bank is setting up to be a partner on that path.

Highlights from the EIB Board Meeting, 15 October 2019

From hybrid vaporetti in Venice to energy efficiency in Paraguay – EIB Board approves EUR 8.4bn of new investment

Upcoming events

IMF and World Bank Group Annual Meetings

Washington DC – 15 to 20 October

EIB-SUERF Conference

New York – 16 October

October Days for Sustainable Development

Luxembourg – 17 to 18 October

African Microfinance Week

Ouagadougou – 21 to 25 October

Silk Road Forum 2019

Tbilisi – 22 to 23 October

Our Ocean Conference

Oslo – 23 to 24 October

Social Innovation Tournament

Luxembourg – 24 October

On water – Sur l’eau exhibition

Luxembourgish schools – 25 October

Web Summit

Lisbon – 04 to 07 November

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