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EIB at a glance

EIB at a glance

At Climate Conference, EIB shows why it’s a key driver in Europe

At COP25 in Madrid, we showed our leadership in fighting climate change by presenting a new climate roadmap and a new energy policy that stops investments in fossil fuels. We also announced projects for solar energy in Spain and climate investments in Latin America.

EIB Climate Survey: Panic or the dawning of reality?

The EIB launched its second climate survey at COP25. We found that many Europeans expect climate change to force people to move from their home countries.

7 reasons why the energy transition is good for Europe

The European Union’s push to decarbonise offers a big opportunity to modernise industries, create jobs and lift the economy.

Explore the new EIB global investment map

Do you wonder what digital, transport, education or health projects the European Investment Bank supports in your country? Check out our new interactive map.

A deep dive into the benefits of microfinance

A programme coordinated by the EIB explores the good work that microfinance supports in Côte d’Ivoire and demonstrates that the private sector can boost sustainable development.

Transport is at the centre of the Bank’s work in Egypt

From massive rail projects to loans for small businesses, the European Investment Bank has a rich history of helping development in Egypt.

Turning reindeer feed into sweets this Christmas

Fazer, the Nordic food giant, will make a sugar substitute out of the lowly oat hull, often used as feed for reindeer.

Artificial intelligence reduces restaurants’ waste

A new machine can see, think and learn about the food wasted in restaurant kitchens. It can also advise restaurants on how to reduce waste.

The Investment Plan for Europe at a glance

The Investment Plan for Europe at a glance

Circular support across the continent

Experts deployed by the Advisory Hub and InnovFin Advisory provide tailored financial and technical advice to show how projects can be designed in a circular way that helps the climate and the economy. Many projects may be financed later by the EIB or partner institutions.

See it on the map

Take a look at a selection of projects that show how the Investment Plan for Europe is making the European Union more competitive.

List of projects

The Investment Plan for Europe continues to mobilise investment to boost the European economy in a sustainable way.

The European Investment Fund at a glance

The European Investment Fund at a glance

EUR 200 million fund for micro-enterprises and social innovation

This new fund under the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation will help small businesses get loans while creating equal opportunities in the labour market.

Alain Godard appointed as Chief Executive of the European Investment Fund

Mr. Godard is an EIB Group veteran. He joined the EIB in 1994, after a career in management consulting in Paris and London. He succeeds Pier Luigi Gilibert at the helm of the EIF.

Venture capital funds and blended financing help small business succeed

EIF's Hubert Cottogni explains why it is important to use financing from regional, state and European sources to have the biggest impact on small businesses.

Latest publications

EIB energy lending policy

New EIB Investment Report: accelerating Europe's transformation

See what a new economic slowdown could mean for investment and how Europe faces historic challenges that must be addressed through reforms and more finance.

EIB energy lending policy

Climate Solutions: your checklist to save humanity

This new EIB essay series on climate details the challenges, lays out the solutions and shows exactly what you must do to make them happen. Whether you’re a policymaker, a financial institution or a citizen, Climate Solutions is your checklist to save humanity.

EIB energy lending policy

Javier Cercas: The vision and the path

The Spanish writer investigates Europe and Europeans, our past, the conflicts, the ideologies and the people who forged Europe as we know it today.

Highlights from the EIB Board Meeting, 12 December 2019

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