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The EU bank at a glance

EIB at a glance


Renewable energy empowers women and local communities

In Uganda, 29-year-old Keziah Kateregga supervises six men, all older than her. Read how her job as a social sustainability manager makes a difference in communities and in women’s daily lives.

EIB Climate Survey: Are companies really helping us lower our carbon footprint?

Our survey reveals that 54% of Europeans feel that products and services offered by businesses do not match their stated willingness to lower their carbon footprint.

Zero emissions by 2050: How do we get there?

Vice-President Andrew McDowell lays out a path to zero emissions by using investments that combat climate change.

5G - A reality check for the super-connected world

Manuel Tarazona Cano, a digital infrastructure engineer at the Bank, outlines the key advantages of fifth-generation wireless and its ability to support a variety of innovative applications.

Tackling global challenges together - the Spring Meetings

At the IMF/World Bank Group Spring Meetings, the EIB and other institutions took stock of the global economy and international development whilst planning actions for a sustainable, peaceful, and resilient world.

European elections May 2019: When everybody votes, everybody wins

It's not enough to just hope for a better future. This time we all need to take responsibility for it. So we're not just asking you to vote, we're also asking you to persuade others to vote. Join the campaign #ThisTimeImVoting.

Have your say on the future of the EU Urban Agenda

Tell the European Commission what you think of the EU’s Urban Agenda. Your feedback helps stimulate growth and innovation while making cities more liveable.

The Investment Plan for Europe at a glance

Europe is no longer an innovation leader. Here's how we can get ahead.

Of the world’s 15 largest digital firms, not one is European. Iliyana Tsanova, deputy managing director of the European Fund for Strategic Investments, and Roger Havenith, deputy chief executive of the European Investment Fund, explain how Europe can compete with the US and Asia.

A German firm cures a deadly illness

What if we could destroy tumours by heating them from the inside? The German medical technology company MagForce received financing backed by the Investment Plan for Europe to do just that. See how European finance helped advance this new cancer treatment.

See it on the map

Take a look at a selection of projects that show how the Investment Plan for Europe is making the European Union more competitive.

The latest results

The Investment Plan for Europe continues to mobilise investment to boost the European economy in a sustainable way.

The European Investment Fund at a glance 

#BelieveInSmall: When small businesses succeed, everyone around them gets a lift

Everything starts small. Small businesses grow into large ones, small economies flourish. The EIF believes in entrepreneurship and in ideas. It is creating many financing solutions for small businesses.  

A digital transformation for thousands of small businesses in France

The agreement allows Banque Populaire to offer loans to 65 000 micro-entrepreneurs and help them with the digital transformation of their business.

€170 million for Romanian students and small businesses

The EIF signed four agreements in Romania that give access to finance for some 450 students who want to study abroad. The deals will also improve conditions for almost 3000 small businesses that need financing for projects.

Latest publications

Investing Together

National banks improve the EIB’s reach and increase the economic impact of our finance, especially for small businesses.


Feeding future generations

To prepare food production for the future, we need more innovation, we must reap the full potential of technology, and we need creative financing.

The EIB in Armenia

The Bank's EUR 379 million in lending to Armenia over the last decade has improved public infrastructure and enabled small businesses to grow.

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