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The EU bank at a glance

60 years of impact
This year, the European Investment Bank celebrates 60 years of improving lives in Europe and beyond. With more than 11 900 sustainable investment projects in around 162 countries, the EIB is turning good intentions into reality.

Who pays for the fight against cybercrime?
The European Commission says there were more than 4,000 cybercrime attacks a day in Europe in 2017. The EU bank is investing in new cybersecurity companies that know how to stop cybercrime.

Podcast: A Dictionary of Finance
If you’re a student or a business owner or someone who wants to understand what politicians are talking about when they discuss the economy, listen to A Dictionary of Finance. Recent topics include naked shorts shorts and virtual exchanges.

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Investment Plan for Europe at a glance

Peanut bars and payment systems
iZettle, a Swedish financial technology company, gets financing to develop tools and address the needs of smaller businesses.

See it on the map.
Take a look at a selection of projects and see how the Investment Plan for Europe is fulfilling its promise to relaunch investment and restore EU competitiveness.

Find out more about the latest results
The Investment Plan for Europe is delivering concrete results and encouraging a sustainable increase in investment, which has been low across Europe since the financial crisis.

The European Investment Fund at a glance

Access to finance for cultural and creative small firms in France and across Europe
Two guarantee agreements with the Institut pour le Financement du Cinéma et des Industries Culturelles will substantially increase loans to small and medium-size businesses in underserved cultural sectors of the French economy, including film, TV production, performing arts, visual effects, publishing and fashion design.

First social finance transaction in Denmark to provide EUR 27 million for social enterprises
This new guarantee agreement allows Merkur Cooperative Bank to offer loans to social entrepreneurs targeting vulnerable groups in Denmark over the next 5 years.

Lending platform Lendix announces EUR 200 million fund for smaller European firms
Leading institutional investors will boost Lendix’s capacity to support the development of more than 600 micro-enterprises and SMEs in Europe. Lendix aims to finance businesses with loan amounts ranging from EUR 30 000 to EUR 5 million.


EIB National press conferences

  • Rome and Prague – 19 January
  • Madrid and Bratislava – 24 January
  • Lisbon and Warsaw – 25 January
  • Belgrade – 1 February

Public Debate with Werner Hoyer – Berlin – 19 January

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting – Davos – 23-26 January

EU Financial Instruments – Vilnius – 26 January

Post MFF 2020 Conference – Brussels – 1 February

EIB Seminar with Civil Society 2018 – Luxembourg – 5 February

EIB Board of Directors meeting – Luxembourg – 6 February

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