2012 Report on results of EIB operations outside the EU

2012 Report on results of EIB operations outside the EU

  •  Release date: 18 June 2013
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An institution such as the EIB needs to focus more than ever on the results and ultimately the impact achieved through the projects it supports. A significant step in this direction is the Bank’s recent establishment of the Results Measurement (ReM) framework.

The ReM framework further strengthens the Bank’s ex ante assessment of projects, as well as the monitoring of their expected results, and will ultimately be used as a basis for ex post evaluation.

This first Report on the Results of EIB Operations outside the EU reflects the fact that the framework is still in a pilot phase. It provides a preview of what the ReM framework will be able to deliver for future reports, by looking at expected results of the projects approved in 2012 and by reviewing at completion stage a number of projects that were approved in earlier years.

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