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Our achievements in 2018 and outlook for 2019

854 projects signed

EUR 64.19 billion in EIB Group financing

EUR 230 billion in investment supported by EIB activities

The EU bank at a glance

EIB at a glance

5 reasons why the EU makes sense
Ahead of the European elections in May 2019, here are five ways you can convince family, friends and colleagues that a united Europe is worthwhile.

City, transformed: Our urban future series looks at Bologna
Bologna’s unique political and cultural history helped it forge ahead of most Italian cities, with key investments in health care, education and other services.

Climate Survey: Citizens want to make a difference
Citizens in the EU believe that individual contributions to the climate matter as much as actions taken by governments. Discover more results of the EIB climate survey on issues such as recycling, waste, buying locally and plane travel.

6 times that the market has failed
Harald Gruber, the EIB’s head of digital innovation, has identified six market failures where Europe is not doing enough to prepare for a digital future, such as a lack of skills, inadequate infrastructure and insufficient private investment.

Our podcast on Europe’s future
From vaccines to electric cars, environmental clean-up to online learning and laser technology, Future Europe is a road map for the future that you can listen to right now.

The Investment Plan for Europe at a glance

The small town that produces more electricity than it uses
Fully Charged, a YouTube channel produced and hosted by Robert Llewellyn, visits Bruck an der Leitha, a small town in Austria, to learn about a community energy system that produces more electricity than the town consumes.

See it on the map
Take a look at a selection of projects that show how the Investment Plan for Europe is making the European Union more competitive.

The latest results
The Investment Plan for Europe continues to mobilize investment to boost the European economy in a sustainable way.

The European Investment Fund at a glance

EUR 360 million to give small businesses a boost in Spain
An innovative agreement with the Spanish bank BBVA is the first corporate loan securitization supported by blockchain technology in the European Union.

EIF Talks - How to measure happiness
Happiness and other intangible parts of life are hard to measure. How can we assess social impact, especially when it comes to investment? Cyril Gouiffes, social impact investment manager at the EIF, explains how we do it.

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Latest publications

Blockchain, FinTechs and the international financial institutions

This working paper explains financial technology and blockchain, while shedding light on their impacts on the financial industry.

Big Ideas essay series: A bright future

Fatih Birol, director of the International Energy Agency, writes that we have a lot more work to do in renewable energy. We need strong policies, research, innovation and investment to provide affordable and reliable renewable energy for everyone, he says.

The 15 circular steps for cities

This document outlines problems facing many linear cities today, and argues the case for circular change. The document also provides concrete guidance on how a linear city can start the circular journey, presented in the form of 15 circular steps.

Upcoming events

EIB national press conferences

Milan – 29 January
Madrid and Bratislava – 31 January
Prague – 1 February
Lisbon – 8 February
Paris – 11 February

CEPS Ideas Lab

Brussels – 21 to 22 February

EU-League of Arab States Summit

Sharm-el-Sheikh – 24 to 25 February

Energy Lending consultation meeting

Brussels – 25 February

EIB Lunch Dialogue on the “Clean Oceans Initiative”

Brussels – 27 February

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