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The EU bank at a glance

Gender investment matters
Civil society organisations, representatives from the financial and banking sector, EIB experts and members of the EIB Board of administration joined to optimise the EU bank’s new Gender Action Plan.

The clam-fishing town that ran out of clams
A Mexican community of about 550 people ran out of its most popular clam, the pen shell, because of overfishing. These tasty shellfish had been the lifeblood of the local economy. A new fund backed by EIB is turns around failing fishing communities.

Mobile money: Where Ethiopia leads Europe
Millions benefit from the Ethiopian mobile money service M-Birr, which is more advanced than the mobile banking technology most Europeans use. The EIB is backing the next stage of M-Birr’s expansion with a EUR 3 million equity investment.

Podcast: A Dictionary of Finance
If you’re a student or a business owner or someone who wants to understand what politicians are talking about when they discuss the economy, listen to A Dictionary of Finance. In recent topics, we explain why Bitcoin is growing and how cash may disappear, and we tell you how impact finance goes where no one else wants to go.

Investment Plan for Europe at a glance

Financial instruments could offer a solution for EU budget
An important part of the next EU budget could rely more on financial instruments leveraged through the European Investment Bank, because they allow more money to be given to important projects and attract private investment, according to participants at a conference organised by the EU bank.

Titanium recycling gives Europe a valuable new metal supply
Titanium is light, doesn’t corrode, and bends without breaking, but it is hard to refine. EcoTitanium’s new furnace technologies contribute to the circular economy and reduce waste by recycling titanium scrap and putting it back into the manufacturing process.

Find out more about the latest results
The Investment Plan for Europe is delivering concrete results and encouraging a sustainable increase in investment, which has been low across Europe since the financial crisis.

The European Investment Fund at a glance

The future is small - How EIF supports SMEs across Europe
The EIF works closely with banks, guarantee institutions, leasing companies, micro-credit providers and private equity funds to offer sustainable access to finance for businesses at every stage of their development.

EIF launches a EUR 80 million Central Europe fund of funds to support SMEs and small mid-caps
The EIF launched a regional fund-of-funds initiative to create EUR 160 million in equity investments in SMEs and small mid-caps in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia. The transaction should also spur investments in the wider region.

EUR 1.3 billion for Italian businesses in the Mezzogiorno
Over 6 300 Italian SMEs in Southern Italy, including micro companies and start-ups, will have better access to finance as banks committed to the SME Initiative Italy offer financing at lower interest rates.

Latest publications

EIB Investment Report 2017/2018
The bank’s flagship research report aims to deepen the understanding of investment and investment financing in the EU.

EIB Investment Survey
The annual EIB Investment Survey gathers information on the activities and investment needs of 12000 companies across the EU.

EIB Investment Survey:
Municipal Infrastructure

Information on the investment activities and financing requirements of 500 municipalities across the EU.


EIB Annual press conferences

  • Bucharest – 19 February
  • Budapest – 1 March
  • Zagreb – 6 March
  • Sofia – 19 March

ECON Workshops

  • Rome – 13 February
  • Zagreb – 7 March

World Ocean Summit – Cancun – 7 to 9 March

Investments and Investment Finance – The case of Belgium – Brussels – 12 March

Bonds, Loans & Sukuk Africa 2018 – Cape Town – 13 to 14 March

World Water Forum – Brasilia – 18 to 23 March

European Council – Brussels – 22 to 23 March

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