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The EU bank at a glance

Inspiration for the Future: EIB Activity Report 2017
Read how the EU bank’s record number of deals with small companies and start-ups, in addition to our traditional business with large entities, will boost growth and jobs for decades.

Europe’s crazy aversion to equity
Firms in Europe largely rely on cash reserves and reinvested profits for their financing, while debt is their main source of external finance. They rarely consider external equity. Find out why.

A new EU bank bond for sustainable development - the Spring Meetings
The pioneering Sustainability Awareness Bond will focus first on the water sector, but then it will expand into health and education. More on EIB this week at the Spring Meetings

Four ways to know if impact investing is working
As impact investment grows in size and importance, it is important to measure its results and understand if it is making real changes in society.

Podcast: A Dictionary of Finance
What is the difference between a bank’s back office and a restaurant’s kitchen? It has something to do with steak tartare and marshmallows. Subscribe to this humorous weekly podcast that explains finance and economics in a way that everyone can understand.

The Investment Plan for Europe at a glance

Venture debt keeps the vultures away
The EIB Venture Debt Summit showcases an innovative financial tool that helps start-ups grow without pushing their founders aside.

See it on the map
Take a look at a selection of projects that outline how the Investment Plan for Europe is expanding investment and making the European Union more competitive.

The latest results
The Investment Plan for Europe continues to promote a sustainable increase in investment, which has been low across Europe since the financial crisis.

The European Investment Fund at a glance

EUR 2.1 billion in venture capital for innovative start-ups
The European Investment Fund and the European Commission launched a venture capital mega fund to attract heavy-hitting investors. Six funds will raise EUR 2.1 billion of private investment for European companies.

A helping hand for 430 social enterprises in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France
Triodos Bank will offer loans to innovative, socially-oriented start-ups in the organic food supply chain, sustainable fashion, labour exclusion, as well as in organic and sustainable hotels, and restaurants.

A venture capital ecosystem in Bulgaria
The JEREMIE initiative in Bulgaria is offering a broad range of financing solutions for businesses at all stages of their lifecycle. See how it worked.

Latest publications

Financing innovation in clean and sustainable mobility
Study on access to finance for the innovative road transport sector

Financing the Deep Tech Revolution
How investors assess risks in Key Enabling Technologies (KETs)

Upcoming events

WBG/IMF Spring Meetings

Washington – 16 to 22 April

EIB Lunch Dialogue

Brussels – 26 April

EIB anniversary in Georgia

Tbilisi – 1 May

ADB Annual Meetings

Manila – 3 to 6 May

Journées Portes Ouvertes

Luxembourg & Brussels – 5 May

EBRD Annual Meetings

Amman – 9 to 10 May

Journée de l'Europe

Luxembourg – 9 May

Blue Invest 2018

Brussels – 17 May

EU Green Week

21 to 25 May

AfDB Annual Meetings

Busan – 21 to 25 May

Innovate4Climate conference

Frankfurt – 22 to 24 May


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