ELENA - Support for the preparation of investments in sustainable energy

ELENA - Support for the preparation of investments in sustainable energy

Many EU municipalities and regions lack the necessary technical expertise and organisational capacity to implement large energy efficiency and renewables projects. The benefits of cutting energy use and pollution are clear, but the challenge is for projects to provide value for money and to secure funding.

ELENA (“European Local ENergy Assistance”) is there to help. Run by the EIB, it is funded through the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.

How ELENA helps

ELENA covers up to 90% of the technical support cost needed to prepare the investment programme for implementation and financing. This could include feasibility and market studies, programme structuring, energy audits and tendering procedure preparation. Assistance in creating solid business and technical plans should help to attract funding from private banks and other sources, including the EIB. ELENA helps local authorities to get their projects on the right track and make them bankable, whether it is for retrofitting or integrating renewable energy in public and private buildings, energy-efficient district heating and cooling networks or innovative, sustainable and environmentally-friendly transport systems.

For information on ongoing or completed ELENA projects, please click here.


Funds are currently available to support projects under the Facility. When funds will be exhausted, a notice will be posted on this webpage.

Applying for ELENA

You can contact us directly by e-mail at or alternatively see the Contacts Page for the EIB’s telephone, fax, and mail details.

For a first contact, we will need a brief description of the applicant and the planned investment programme. This should include the types of projects, the approach to implementation, and the expected investment cost and time schedule of the programme. The applicant should also give an overview of the main needs and scope to be addressed by the requested technical assistance as well as an indication of the requested amount.

Upon assessment of this information by our team, a formal application can then be submitted.

FAQ – Programme development support from ELENA [EN]; [FR]
ELENA - Application Form [EN]; FR]
ELENA - Declaration by the applicant [EN]; [FR] (Annexed to the Application Form)

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