Group visits

Group visits

Each year, the European Investment Bank is visited by more than 3 000 students and professionals. It gives them the opportunity to discover or deepen their knowledge of the role and activities of the European Investment Bank.

Registration conditions
Registration procedures
Organisational procedures
Security and conduct rules

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Registration conditions

The European Investment Bank admits groups of visitors upon receipt of a written request. The visits are organised for groups of 15-45 people. Exceptionally, larger groups may be admitted on request.

Given the Bank's limited capacity for visitors, we receive groups that have a direct professional interest in the Bank's operational activities or are already familiar with the world of banking including University-level students (in economics, finance, European studies, etc.) and associations or interest groups from the banking, economic and financial sectors.

The EIB does not offer private or individual visits.

Registration procedures

Visits last an hour and a half at the most. They include a general presentation of the EIB's role and activities, followed by a question and answer session and a coffee break.

Visits are provided free of charge and are conducted in the morning between 9.30 and 11.00 or in the afternoon between 2.00 and 4.00 from Monday afternoon until Friday morning, excluding public holidays and periods when the EIB's offices are closed.

All requests should be sent by the group supervisors via the online visit application form.

Given the level of interest shown in the EIB by students and professionals, all visit requests should be sent to the Bank at least two months before the planned date of the visit.

The presentations are conducted either in English, French or German depending on the availability of our information officers.

Before submitting a visit request to the EIB, please read carefully the information concerning our registration conditions and organisational procedures.

Organisational procedures

Upon receipt of the request, the Visitors Service contacts the group supervisor to confirm the visit providing we have staff available on the date requested and the registration conditions are met.

Two weeks before the visit at the latest, the group supervisor is asked to send a numbered list of participants by name in alphabetical order via the list of participants.

On the day of their visit, groups are requested to be at the reception desk of the EIB building indicated in the visit confirmation (link to map).

All participants must present an identity card or passport.

Strict punctuality is imperative and, depending how many people are in the group, visitors should arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of time to undergo a security check.

A member of the Group Visitors Service greets the group of visitors at the EIB reception desk, organises them and accompanies them to the conference room. The group supervisor is also requested to take care of the visitors.

We encourage visitors to obtain any documentation that they may find useful in the reception areas.

Access to the EIB's self-service restaurant or cafeteria is not possible.

Throughout the entire visit, the group's members must observe the security and conduct rules laid down by the Bank.

In exceptional circumstances, the EIB reserves the right to cancel a planned visit.

If you require any further information, please send an email to the following address:

Security and conduct rules

A security check takes place at the entrance to the EIB's buildings and all visitors are asked to follow scrupulously the instructions given by the security guards or the visitors' guide.

All visitors must present an identity card or passport. They will then be issued with an identification badge which they will have to wear visibly throughout their visit.

All visitors will pass through a metal detector entrance and their bags will also be scanned. We therefore advise visitors to keep personal belongings to a minimum.

For security reasons, visitors are not authorised to go anywhere within the EIB building except the conference room for their visit (or to other parts of the building indicated in the programme).

Throughout the entire visit, visitors must be discreet and conduct themselves with decorum. The person in charge must supervise the group and ensure that all visitors leave the EIB together.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the EIB.

Our facilities are adapted to the needs of visitors with reduced mobility or a physical disability. We would be grateful if you could inform us in advance if your group has one or more members with special needs (guide dogs for the blind and visually impaired are allowed).