The EIB Group invests in a sustainable future for all. As the lending arm of the European Union and the world’s largest multilateral finance institution, our aim is to promote sustainable development inside and outside the European Union. We are particularly focused on key public policy goals and the most pressing issue our planet faces: the climate crisis.

With our targeted investments in support of our four public policy goals of environment, infrastructure, innovation and skills, and SMEs and mid-caps, plus the two cross-cutting objectives of climate action and regional development, we support the EU Member States and countries outside the European Union in fulfilling their commitments in a sustainable manner.


The EIB’s lending activities are essentially funded through the issuance of bonds in the international capital markets. EIB bonds are purchased by international investors. Sustainability plays a growing role in these fundraising activities. In 2019, the EIB was the first issuer to update its legal documentation of green and sustainability bonds in accordance with the upcoming European Union sustainability taxonomy.


To determine the expected greenhouse gas emissions from an EIB-financed project and the impact our investment will have on increasing or reducing such emissions, we use a due diligence process focused on climate-related indicators. We apply our carbon footprint methodology to all sectors and not only to climate mitigation projects.


Advisory services complement the EIB’s investing activity and form an integral part of our “lending, blending and advising” strategy. With our decades of financing and investment experience, we help clients improve and implement investment projects and sustainable strategies within their institutional and regulatory frameworks while enhancing their capacities. Complementing EIB loans, advisory services also catalyse funding from other sources.