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The EIB - the EU bank
The EIB - the EU bank
February 2012     

New President takes office

Werner Hoyer is the new President of the EIB. Previously, he was Deputy Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany, State minister for European affairs, and a Member of the German Parliament (Bundestag). Mr Hoyer succeeds Philippe Maystadt, who served for two consecutive mandates (2000-2011) at the helm of the EU bank.
Pim Van Ballekom is new Vice-President. Before this, Mr Van Ballekom was Head of International Public Affairs at APG Pension Group. Previously he was Dutch member of the Board of Directors of the EIB.

Project Highlight

A strong push is needed to increase Europe’s growth potential and revive job creation. This is where the EIB comes into play. The Bank is a key instrument for Europe’s policymakers in their fight against the crisis.”

Werner Hoyer

Key figure

90% of EIB lending goes to projects in the EU

Lending pie


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