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Why is the EIB proposing to stop financing fossil fuel?
Over the last few months, the EIB listened to non-governmental organisations, public institutions, citizens and European Union leaders during the public consultation process for the new energy lending policy. Listen to EIB Vice-President Andrew McDowell explain why energy finance is so important.

Athens plants trees and birdhouses in a sea of concrete to improve urban life
After decades of intense urbanisation, Athens is pioneering new green infrastructures to help residents and the environment.

Clean electricity for school and health centres in the Gambia
More than 1000 schools and health centres in the Gambia will receive clean and reliable electricity for the first time by using solar micro-grids. The project will help marginalised and vulnerable communities across the country.

Boosting green energy in Africa with solar power kits
Energy access is the key to development in Africa. African people are replacing dirty diesel generators in their homes with solar kits under a unique renewable energy programme.

The circular economy: bread, trains and exfoliating creams
Under a circular economy, products never become waste. Read how EIB-backed companies in Europe are achieving exactly that.

Second chances for vulnerable people and abandoned textiles in Italy
What if a person’s fragility were not a limit, but a starting point for a new life or career? Anna Fiscale created Progetto Quid, an Italian business that specialises in giving second chances.

The Investment Plan for Europe at a glance

The Investment Plan for Europe at a glance

€25 million to help Acast expand podcasting business globally
Acast will use the financing to increase research and development and expand its podcasting platform. The Swedish company’s services are available in 10 countries.

See it on the map
Take a look at a selection of projects that show how the Investment Plan for Europe is making the European Union more competitive.

List of projects
The Investment Plan for Europe continues to mobilise investment to boost the European economy in a sustainable way.

The European Investment Fund at a glance

The European Investment Fund at a glance

Do you have a dream? Are you creative? Here’s how to get our support
Culture shapes our lives today. Creativity shapes tomorrow. Entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative sectors enrich our surroundings, bringing together the past, present and future with their artistic expressions.

Two fashion executives who started a handbag business want more women to take the plunge
Ine Verhaert and Helga Meersmans quit their top management jobs at large fashion companies to create KAAI, a company based in Antwerp that makes fashionable and practical handbags.

European venture capital – if you have a good idea, you can get funding
More international investors are looking at European venture capital as an attractive investment. Bjorn Tremmerie, the head of venture capital at the EIF, says Europe now needs to provide more growth capital to help companies compete.

Latest publications

EIB Operations Inside the European Union 2018

EIB Operations Inside the European Union 2018

Once a year, we take a hard look at our work in Europe to see if we are meeting our goals for innovation, small businesses, infrastructure and the environment.

Why some companies don’t like bank loans

Why some companies don’t like bank loans

Learn how financial weaknesses at firms and banks can hurt the availability of credit in some regions.

Annual Report 2018 on the European Investment Advisory Hub

The European Investment Advisory Hub in 2018

The Hub is a single access point for advice and technical assistance on investment projects in the European Union. Read how the Hub supported more than 1,000 public authorities and private companies around Europe in 2018.

Highlights from the EIB Board Meeting, 10 September 2019

EIB approves €630 million for social and affordable housing across Europe

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