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Podcast: Are you a size S or size M?

  •  Release date: 24/07/2017
Allar and Matt go after the small and the medium-sized enterprises on A Dictionary of Finance podcast

Once upon a time there was a wastewater treatment plant…

  •  Release date: 21/07/2017
Aéris will not be a wastewater treatment plant like any other. France’s first net positive energy plant will treat wastewater and produce energy at the same time.

Podcast: Can we interest you in inflation?

  •  Release date: 17/07/2017
Allar and Matt take on inflation and interest rates on A Dictionary of Finance podcast


Netherlands: EIB to finance upgrade of Alliander electricity grid

  •  Release date: 21/07/2017
Dutch network company Alliander has signed a EUR 300 million loan agreement with the EIB. The loan will be used to finance parts of the renewal and expansion of the distribution network used by Liander, a subsidiary of Alliander, to distribute electricity to customers. This investment will contribute to make the network future-proof. The investment programme is expected to be completed in late 2018.

Spain: Investment Plan for Europe - EIB to finance construction of 2 198 rented social housing units

  •  Release date: 21/07/2017
The EIB will provide a EUR 125m loan to the Barcelona Municipal Housing Board (a public entity under the responsibility of the City Government), with the aim of building 2 198 homes for public rental to low-income households. The agreement is supported by the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), the central pillar of the European Commission's Investment Plan for Europe (the so-called Juncker Plan), and was signed today in Barcelona by EIB Operations Director for Spain and Portugal Birthe Bruhn-Léon and Mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau.

Terna: EIB lends EUR 130 million for “Italy-France” interconnector

  •  Release date: 21/07/2017
An agreement was signed today between Terna and the EIB for a EUR 130 million loan in support of investments for the public component of the “Piedmont-Savoy” project, the new 320 kV direct current electricity interconnector that will link Italy and France. The loan has a term of 22 years and a fixed interest rate of 1.64%.