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General Internships

The EIB offers a limited number of Internships to university students and graduates, with less than one year of professional experience (since the last diploma), who wish to acquire an understanding of the Bank’s work or gain experience in the field of their studies. Internships normally last between one and five months (six months if requested by Universities), and cannot be extended beyond the maximum period. Most are based at the EIB’s headquarters in Luxembourg.

The Internship Programme is open only to students who are nationals of the EU Member States and the Candidate Countries (Albania, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey).

If you wish to apply for an Internship at the EIB, please view Current Vacancies  in the EIB web site and respond to one of the published opportunities by submitting your application on-line. Three intakes are organised throghout the year (1st February, 1st July and 1st October). Positions are generally published between two and three months before the start day.

Our interns will gain:

  • an overview of the EIB's objectives and the problems arising in achieving them,
  • practical knowledge in the field of their studies
  • a first professional and personal experience in a dynamic EU body through contacts established in the course of their everyday work

Interns receive a flat-rate monthly allowance, provided they are not entitled to similar compensation from another source. We also reimburse one round trip from the country of origin or residence to the place of the internship.

Interns must cover their own accommodation costs.


François Simons

Nationality: Belgian
Studies: Bachelor’s degree in Political Science; Master’s in HR Management. Currently pursuing an advanced master’s in Computer Science and Innovation, Business Analysis and IT Governance.

The European Union’s motto is “United in Diversity” and the EIB strongly believes that diversity is good for people and good for business. During my internship, I played an important part in evaluating the 2012-2015 Diversity Strategy. Along the way, I learned about HR best practices from top professionals. The activities I carried out really make a difference – as the saying has it, small streams make big rivers.

My favourite experience was the “Bank in Context” meeting – a programme tailor-made for trainees, involving four speakers on topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship.

The working environment at the Bank is simply stunning. The culture is very international, with more than 30 nationalities represented, and the staff are proud and happy to be part of the EIB. The Bank has a great impact on all the people of Europe, so if you want to do things that matter you really need to work here!

Margarida Rodrigues

Nationality: Portuguese
Studies: Master’s in European Economic Studies at the College of Europe

The EIB lends more than the World Bank in terms of volume, so I knew the work would be pretty interesting. The people at the Bank are smart and extremely diverse – there are economists, engineers, people with political science backgrounds, and even someone who studied chemistry. I focused on ex-post valuations, and learned a lot about the methodology and gained a whole new skill set.

I really enjoyed seeing the big picture, and I never felt like “just” an intern. I was involved in all the division-wide meetings and able to ask questions, so it was very intellectually stimulating. I particularly enjoyed seeing the Bank’s impact through working on lending for infrastructure and development.

The people at the Bank are very collaborative and not at all corporate – to succeed, you need good analytical skills, strong negotiating abilities and a diplomatic approach. It also helps if you enjoy life to the full – during my time in Luxembourg, I found myself visiting mountains, attending a jazz festival and even learning the guitar.

The best thing about working at the EIB? The fact that we finance tangible projects. We’re the people who provide the investment to power economic growth.