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    nov 2018
    EIB headquarters Luxembourg, Boardroom

    On 28 and 29 November, the European Investment Bank and the European Central Bank, in cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University and SUERF (the European Monetary and Finance Forum) co-organised a high-level conference on ‘Investment, Technological Transformation and Skills’. The two-day event provided an opportunity for leading academics, policy makers and practitioners to share their views and understandings on investment finance and competitiveness, while raising awareness of the challenges posed by technological transformation and the need to adapt workforce skills.

    Please consult the event agenda for more information on the panel sessions.

    Investment, technological transformation and skills - welcome to the debate

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    The EIB Investment Report 2018/2019: retooling Europe's economy addresses a moment of economic recovery in which investment growth, overall, is strong, but downside risks to the economic outlook are rising. It identifies many ways in which current investment is still structurally inadequate, given the legacy effects of the recent crisis and the great challenges that lie ahead.

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