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    What kind of project development support can we offer?

    What types of projects can be eligible?

    My city has recently applied to a similar call for projects, do we need to fill in a new application form?

    At what stage in the project cycle should I apply?

    My city is the process of conducting a scoping exercise to identify/build a pipeline of climate action projects. Are these activities eligible for the Challenge?

    How will the selection be made?

    Is the technical assistance provided free-of-charge?

    My climate action project/ investment programme is included in the list of eligible projects but does not reach the minimum size requirement. Can I still apply?

    I am not a city/local government authority, how do I prove political commitment from the public authorities?

    What types of financial products does the EIB offer to cities?

    If my project is selected for the Challenge and benefits from the associated Technical Assistance, does this mean that the EIB will definitely finance the investment or is there an obligation of the city to borrow from the EIB?

    I have a question concerning the eligibility of my city’s project or I have difficulties in preparing my application, who should I contact?

    My city has several projects in its pipeline that appear to fit the eligibility criteria for the Challenge. Shall we select only one or can we present multiple applications?

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