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    Project loans

    Project loans

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    We lend to individual projects for which total investment cost exceeds EUR 25m.

    In certain cases we can also provide direct loans to Midcap companies with up to 3 000 employees where the loan volume requested is between EUR 7.5m and EUR 25m.

    The EIB also provides loans to finance research and innovation programmes.

    EIB support is often the key to attracting other investors. These loans can cover up to 50% of the total cost for both public and private sector promoters, but on average this share is about one-third.

    Multi-component loans

    We also finance multi-component, multi annual investment programmes using a single “framework loan”. This funds a range of projects, usually by a national or local public sector body, most frequently regarding infrastructure, energy efficiency/renewables, transport and urban renovation.


    The project must be in line with our lending objectives and must be economically, financially, technically and environmentally sound. Financing conditions depend on the investment type and the security offered by third parties (banks or banking syndicates, other financial institutions or the parent company).

    Interest rates:

    Interest rates can be fixed, floating, revisable or convertible (i.e. allowing for a change of interest rate formula during the lifetime of a loan at predetermined periods).


    In certain cases we may charge fees for project-appraisal, legal services, commitment, non-utilisation etc.


    Most of our loans are in euros (EUR) but we can also lend in GBP, USD, JPY, SEK, DKK, CHF, PLN, CZK and HUF, as well as in few other currencies.


    Loan repayment is normally on a semi-annual or annual basis. Grace periods for capital repayment may be granted for a project’s construction phase.