Althelia Climate Fund is investing in ecosystems conservation and sustainable agroforestry, applying best-in-class social, environmental and governance (ESG) criteria. Returns are generated through the production and sale of real assets (in the form of sustainable agriculture and soft commodities such as certified cocoa and coffee, FSC timber etc.), as well as presently undervalued environmental assets (including carbon emission reductions and other payment for ecosystem services such as biodiversity and water) to several complementary high growth markets. In addition to strong financial returns, the Fund’s investments deliver substantial positive ESG impacts furthering social development, such as gender equity and economic improvement of communities whose livelihoods depend directly and indirectly on natural ecosystems. The Fund implements innovative financial approaches such as performance-based payments and advance market commitments.

Country of incorporation
Africa, Asia and Latin America
Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation
Vintage year
EIB commitment
EUR 14.7m