Kampala Water - Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation Project (Uganda)

Kampala Water - Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation Project (Uganda)

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This project ties in with previous activities to rehabilitate the distribution network and extend water treatment capacity in Kampala. It aims at increasing coverage, reliability and access to water supply services for the population of Metropolitan Kampala, in particular the urban poor, living in informal settlements in the districts of Wakiso and Mukono as well as the towns of Nansana and Kira. Where up to 50% of the population live below the absolute poverty line.

Most of Kampala’s 2.5 million inhabitants will benefit from this project which will greatly improve the capacity for water treatment and overall drinking water distribution. Works have started and are expected to last five years.

The project consists of upgrading and rehabilitating the Gaba water treatment plant, as well as the water distribution network itself, while extending water supply to the settlements and constructing a new water treatment facility east of Kampala. This will naturally also be linked into the supply network.

Water supply will be greatly improved in 20 selected informal settlements, through network densification and the construction of some 3 000 public water points and yard taps. These will ensure access for an additional 400 000 people to affordable, clean and safe drinking water.

Further development objectives are to promote better overall planning and enhance the financial and operational capacity of the project execution agency, the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC).

The three MRI partners combined their respective strengths and expertise for the financing of this project, with KfW and its local implementation team in the lead financier role thanks to their long-standing presence in the water sector in Uganda.

AFD and the EIB brought an in-depth knowledge of water quality issues and lengthy experience with water and sanitation projects in the region, gained by supporting the rehabilitation of the water intakes of the main cities on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Detailed financing plan:

  • AFD: EUR 75 million loan
  • EIB: EUR 75 million loan
  • KfW: EUR 20 million grant
  • EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund: EUR 8 million investment grant
  • National contribution: EUR 34 million.