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Climate change is one of the greatest global challenges of our time. Immediate and coordinated action is crucial to overcome its dangers. At the EU bank, the climate is one of our top priorities. Today, we are the largest multilateral provider of climate finance in the world.
At COP23, the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, we share our expertise with global leaders and climate action specialists to help turn the landmark Paris accord on climate change into reality.
Discover some examples of how we fight climate change around the world.
  together on climate  

Live from COP23: Why does mainstreaming matter?
EIB experts explain how mainstreaming can help institutions consider climate change in everything they do.

Improving cooperation to protect oceans
EIB Vice-President Taylor urges the global community to work together to tackle ocean acidification and to support the blue economy.

Why investing outside our borders makes sense
The EIB Group has helped 130 countries around the world, contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the process.

  no green without blue  

Live from COP23: Supporting small islands
Experts from the EIB and Fiji discuss how to help fragile states and small islands cope with climate change.

Four ways to adapt to climate change
Check out this video explaining how EIB projects make a difference in the Pacific and the Caribbean.

Small islands, big impact: see our interactive map
Learn how small islands are fighting climate change.

How the Dutch keep their heads above water
The Netherlands maintains an ingenious network of dikes and barriers despite the increasing pressure of climate change.

Cleaning up the beaches with Project Seafood
Cleaning up beaches in Spain and Morocco by using a 3D printer that “eats” plastic trash. The device was developed by the EIB-supported manufacturer Ultimaker.

  sustainable cities  

Live from COP23: Bringing nature back into our cities
Experts from ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability and the EIB discuss how nature-based solutions can benefit our cities.

A blueprint for turning a city green
EIB financing transforms Essen from a coal and steel industry hub to the greenest city in Germany.

Investing in energy efficiency in Paris
Energies POSIT'IF renovates thousands of apartments in the Paris region.

Transport takes low-carbon development route
The new Lucknow Metro will change the way millions of people move and breathe in one of the most populated Indian cities.

Once upon a time there was a wastewater treatment plant…
France’s first net positive energy wastewater treatment plant will treat waste and produce energy at the same time.

  clean power, green finance  

Live from COP23: 10 years of EIB's Green Bonds
EIB experts explain how EIB Green Bonds are a key tool to assist the Paris Agreement.

A Creative Light: Ouarzazate Stories
Eight creative writers went to the Moroccan desert with no instructions, except to write something amazing about a mammoth solar-power complex there.

A world of clean energy
Renewable energy is endlessly available and it's one of the only choices we can make to save the planet from climate change.

Podcast: What is Environmental Finance?
How to turn nature from a charity case into a sustainable asset class.

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At COP23 in Bonn, EIB climate experts and senior management outline how the Bank supports climate investment in diverse sectors, announcing a number of new policy initiatives and project investments. An up to date agenda of EIB events and contacts can be found on the EIB COP23 events page.

Want to see more of the EIB at the UN Climate Change Conference? See all of our COP23 videos on YouTube.

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