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    Reference: SG/E/2020/03
    Received Date: 02 March 2020
    Subject: Budapest Airport Concession
    Complainant: The National Society of Conservationists – Friends of the Earth Hungary and the Hungarian NGO “Association for Civilized Air Transport
    Type: E - Environmental and social impacts of financed projects
    Recommendations: no
    Dispute Resolution*

    * Admissibility date reflects the date the case was officially registered. All other dates pertain to the date in which a stage was completed.

    Case Description


    The complaint concerns the Budapest Airport Concession (CAPEX plan) project in Hungary. The raised allegations include non-compliance with the EIB’s climate-related standards, failure to assess the impact of the increase in air traffic and land transport on air pollution, noise pollution and negative social impacts on the project-affected people, lack of public consultations on the project, inadequate information on the social and environmental impacts of the project and on its approval procedures in information published on the EIB’s website.

    EIB-CM Action

    With regard to the alleged non-compliance of the operation with the EIB’s sustainability and climate-related commitments, since the finance contract for the operation was signed before the EIB’s Climate Roadmap becomes operational, the EIB-CM considers the allegation as ungrounded.

    In line with the EIB-CM Policy, the EIB-CM does not handle complaints against national authorities; therefore the alleged non-compliance of national law and regulations on noise pollution with EU law will not be part of the scope of the inquiry.

    The compliance review will assess the complainant’s allegations in the context of potential EIB maladministration, including whether the Bank complied with the applicable regulatory framework.

    The outcome of the compliance review will be communicated through the EIB-CM’s Conclusions Report.