FEMIP Support Package

FEMIP Support Package

The FEMIP Support Package uses European Commission grant aid made available to support EIB investment activities in several southern Mediterranean countries, assisting promoters during different stages of the project cycle.


  • To help the FEMIP partner countries and private promoters to better prepare, manage and supervise investment projects;
  • To improve the quality and development impact of investment;
  • To strengthen the management capacities of local partners in the medium and long term.

Forms of technical assistance

  • Feasibility or pre-feasibility studies for investment projects relating to the private sector, water and wastewater, the environment, transport and telecoms, education and health;
  • Project Management Units (PMUs) to assist implementation;
  • Site visits to assess the projects being financed.


For further information on tendering for services under the FEMIP Support Package, please see the document FEMIP Technical Assistance Operations.