Advisory services

Advisory services

Within the Bank's core strategy of lending, blending and advising in support of long-term investment in the Mediterranean region, the provision of upstream support and advisory services plays an important role in ensuring the efficient identification, preparation and implementation of projects in all sectors.

The Bank is increasingly taking a more integrated approach to advisory services, emphasising sector-focused initiatives rather than ad hoc project-based work. This more systematic approach will facilitate the preparation of coherent pipelines of projects in a given sector, and seeks to link upstream support and advisory services with the provision of funding, thus maximising efficiency both for project promoters and for the donors who fund these facilities

Advisory services offered by FEMIP are funded mainly from two funds sources, the FEMIP Trust Fund and the Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF), as well as from other structures such as the MENA Transition Fund:

  • FEMIP Trust Fund: The FTF is seeking to provide an increasing share of grant resources for FEMIP investment projects – via pre-feasibility studies, project advisory services and also growth of risk capital operations. In addition, the fund provides upstream technical advisory services which are not necessarily linked to an EIB investment.
  • Neighbourhood Investment Facility: Created by the European Commission in 2008, the NIF is one of the EU's regional blending facilities, which provides catalytic resources in support of Europe's Southern and Eastern neighbouring countries, especially in the transport, energy, environmental, social and private sectors.
  • Deauville Partnership MENA Transition Fund: Within the Deauville partnership, the MENA Transition Fund was created to provide Mediterranean partner countries with advisory services helping them to undertake the policy reforms needed to build more inclusive and transparent economies, boost trade and integration in the region and enhance the environment for private sector growth. The EIB is an eligible Implementation Support Agency (ISA) for the Transition Fund.