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Credit lines

Finance contracts signed

Name Sector Signature date Signed Amount
TVARBANAN SOLNA Transport 17/12/2012 323,232,323
XYLEM WATER TECHNOLOGIES (RSFF) Industry 14/12/2012 68,322,000
REGIONAL ROLLING STOCK - VASTTRAFIK Transport 20/11/2012 70,000,000
ERICSSON LTE ADVANCED (RDI) Industry 08/10/2012 385,000,000
RABOBANK LOAN FOR SMES SCANDINAVIA Credit lines 28/06/2012 105,000,000
VOLVO TRUCKS 2020 FUEL EFFICIENCY Industry 15/06/2012 144,000,000
CARGOTEC RDI Industry 07/05/2012 33,550,000
GRUPPO BARILLA R&D Industry 27/01/2012 2,500,000
BOLIDEN ELECTRONIC SCRAP RECYCLING Industry 29/12/2011 53,000,000
BOLIDEN ELECTRONIC SCRAP RECYCLING Industry 29/12/2011 32,000,000
SANDVIK RDI II Industry 13/12/2011 162,500,000
REGIONAL ROLLING STOCK- SKANETRAFIKEN Transport 28/11/2011 140,000,000
ATLAS COPCO RDI II Industry 23/11/2011 148,500,000
ASSA ABLOY DOOR SOLUTIONS RDI Industry 07/11/2011 61,600,000
FORTUM WTE AND SMART METERING Energy 21/03/2011 66,000,000
FORTUM WTE AND SMART METERING Solid waste 21/03/2011 44,000,000
VOLVO CARS EMISSIONS REDUCTION R&D 2 Industry 22/12/2010 193,469,514
VOLVO CARS EMISSIONS REDUCTION R&D Industry 22/12/2010 200,000,000
STOCKHOLM CITY BANAN Transport 17/12/2010 130,840,102
TRELLEBORG HIGH TECH ENGINEERING RDI Industry 14/12/2010 40,000,000
STOCKHOLM CITY BANAN Transport 09/12/2010 460,000,000
NEW KAROLINSKA SOLNA PPP Health 26/11/2010 400,000,000
NEW KAROLINSKA SOLNA PPP Health 30/06/2010 298,475,527
VOLVO TRUCKS CLEAN ENGINE R&D 2 Industry 29/06/2010 400,000,000
SE POWER PLANT AND FOREST INDUSTRY R&D Industry 06/05/2010 60,979,000
SE POWER PLANT AND FOREST INDUSTRY R&D Energy 06/05/2010 24,021,000
SAAB AUTOMOBILE ECOPOWER & SAFETY R&D Industry 23/02/2010 400,000,000
AUTOLIV SAFETY SYSTEMS R&D Industry 18/12/2009 155,000,000
ALFA LAVAL THERMAL&FLUID DYNAMICS RDI Industry 15/09/2009 100,000,000
FORTUM CHP AND E-METERING Energy 26/05/2009 80,000,000
SCANIA TRUCKS CLEAN ENGINE R&D Industry 30/04/2009 400,000,000
VOLVO TRUCKS CLEAN ENGINES R&D Industry 24/03/2009 400,000,000
OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT AND TOOLING RDI RSFF Industry 23/12/2008 67,923,576
SCA HYGIENE PRODUCT AND PACKAGING RDI Industry 01/12/2008 194,067,361
MEDINVEST (RSFF) Industry 25/11/2008 3,333,375
SCANIA TRUCKS RDI Industry 30/09/2008 317,860,586
ERICSSON FULL SERVICE BROADBAND RDI Industry 02/07/2008 422,373,103
GETINGE MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY RDI (RSFF) Industry 19/06/2008 53,501,900
WHITE GOODS CAPACITY ENHANCEMENT Industry 09/06/2008 40,000,000
SANDVIK RDI Industry 11/04/2008 112,908,375
SANDVIK RDI Industry 22/01/2008 99,454,536
VOLVO TRUCKS RDI Industry 05/12/2007 320,119,511
ATLAS COPCO RDI Industry 14/06/2007 107,590,511
SCANIA EMISSIONS REDUCTION RDI Industry 05/06/2007 215,181,021
STORA ENSO RDI Industry 11/01/2007 70,000,000
Total Amount 7,606,303,322

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