The EIB finances projects in most sectors. Eligible projects contribute to EU economic policy objectives:

  • Promotion of economic and social cohesion (development of poorer regions) in the EU
  • Improvement of EU transport and telecommunications infrastructure (rail, air, road connections and bridges)
  • Secure energy supplies - production, transfer and distribution, more efficient energy use, alternative energy supplies
  • Development of a competitive, innovative and knowledge-based European economy (i2i)
  • Investment in human capital (schools, universities, laboratories, research centres, hospitals etc.)
  • Natural and urban environment schemes (water, waste, cleaner air, urban transport etc.)
  • Development of small and medium sized enterprises
  • Industrial projects improving EU competitiveness
  • Projects that support EU's external co-operation and development policies

The EIB does not provide grants or venture capital. European Union grants are managed by the European Commission. The European Investment Fund (EIF) provides venture capital.