The EIB Group has a longstanding record in microfinance. Since 2000, we have supported microfinance institutions (MFIs), fund providers and other industry stakeholders in addressing specific market failures and promoting financing solutions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and low income self-employed.

We are gaining increased recognition as a major player for financing and supporting the development of a sustainable and responsible microfinance sector worldwide, addressing local needs and gaps in the supply of financial services.

As of December 2011, the EIB group has EUR 548m in active commitments to about 60 microfinance projects or intermediaries . Operations are financed from the EIB’s own resources or under the European Union’s mandates and uses a combination of financial and non-financial instruments.

The EIB Group is to date active in microfinance in three regions: in Sub-Saharan African, Caribbean and Pacific countries (ACP region); the Mediterranean partner countries and in Europe.

Created in 2008, the Microfinance Centre of Expertise (MCE) acts as the knowledge-sharing platform for EIB professionals from a variety of backgrounds for exchanging and capitalising on experiences, best practices and industry developments. Through this joint resource, the EIB participates in various microfinance sector initiatives.

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Supporting microfinance in Kenya

The EIB has a long track record in microfinance both within and outside the European Union. It supports leading microfinance providers (MFIs), fund providers and stakeholders in increasing access to funding for micro and small-sized enterprises. The Bank’s most significant microfinance involvement is in Sub-Saharan Africa in countries such as Kenya where we aim at maximizing development impact in urban and rural regions as shown in this video.

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