To check whether you qualify for direct financing (InnovFin Large Projects or MidCap Growth Finance) or to see which financial intermediaries cooperate with us under the InnovFin Facility, please use our “six steps to loan funding” via this electronic portal.

InnovFin Large Projects:

EIB finance is based on an R&I investment project, which can consist of:

  • promoter’s R&I programs (typically over three to four years), including related capital expenditure (facilities, prototypes)
  • innovation: deployment of innovative technologies (in particular key enabling technologies), and including capital expenditure related to commercial launch
  • R&I-infrastructures (both multi-country and national) and enabling infrastructures.

InnovFin MidCap Growth Finance, MidCap Guarantee and SME Guarantee:

For these products the concept of “innovative counterpart” is the key reference for eligibility. For each of the products a list of criteria has been established to determine whether the SME or midcap is innovative or not. It is sufficient for potential final beneficiaries to comply with one single criterion.

Projects eligible for InnovFin financing must be located in one or more of the 28 EU Member States and/or in one or more of the Horizon 2020 Associated Countries.

The EIB’s due diligence process involves:

  • the assessment of the company’s or project’s eligibility
  • techno-economic viability
  • environmental soundness
  • the promoter’s financial situation and perspectives.

Subject to the completeness of the information, documentation available and the nature of the financing, the time elapsing between a first contact with the EIB and the signature of a financing contract will typically vary between 3 and 6 months. For InnovFin SME Guarantee and InnovFin MidCap Guarantee, which are delivered through financial intermediaries, the latters’ due diligence process will determine the time elapsing between first contact and signature of a financing contract.

* The InnovFin products are subject to regular updates to reflect market evolution. New features will be unveiled in the course of 2017 to reinforce the cooperation with the European Fund for Strategic Investments, enhance access by research institutes and organisations, address the need for thematic financing and focus on Associated Countries as well as countries behind in the Innovation Scoreboard.