EIB Transparency Policy

EIB Transparency Policy


The EIB adopted a new Transparency Policy on 2 February 2010. The new Transparency Policy replaces the Public Disclosure Policy (2007) and the Transparency Policy (2004). The new transparency policy fully takes into account the Lisbon Treaty on the functioning of the EU.

The transparency policy was up-dated in May 2011 in order to reflect administrative changes in the references made in the policy that occurred since the adoption of the Policy on 2 February 2010. Namely,

  • The percentage figures of the EIF’s shareholders have changed since the adoption of the policy in February 2010. The figures as such were removed to avoid further revisions in cases of future changes. For the current composition of EIF shareholders, please consult the website of the EIF:
  • These articles that relate to the Corporate Responsibility (CR) report have been adjusted to reflect the recent separation between the EIB’s annual Activity and CR report.
  • The reference on the EIB’s policy towards Offshore Financial Centres was replaced by the Bank’s policy towards Non-Compliant Jurisdictions (NCJ) that was adopted in December 2010. The NCJ Policy is available at the EIB’s website.
  • Due to a change in the EIB Statutes, the previous Article 21 became Article 19.

  • Hard copy not available.

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