Combatting fraud and corruption in EIB’s operations

Combatting fraud and corruption in EIB’s operations

  •  Release date: 26 April 2017
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The European Investment Bank Group (EIB Group) has zero tolerance of fraud and corruption. The Fraud Investigations Division of the Inspectorate General (IG/IN) is an independent office within the EIB Group, created to combat fraud, corruption and other Prohibited Conduct affecting the EIB Group’s operations.

IG/IN aims to protect the EIB Group’s finances and reputation through six core activities:

  • Assessment and, where necessary, investigations of allegations
  • Policy work, such as advising on the wording of Bank documentation, and giving advice to colleagues throughout the Bank on addressing fraud and corruption-related issues
  • Proactive Integrity Reviews (PIRs) to identify actual fraud or potential vulnerabilities
  • Fraud awareness training for all EIB Group staff
  • Raising awareness of fraud and corruption-related issues in the public and private sectors
  • Analysis and information gathering to support the above five activities.

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