Trust Funds – partnering with donors

Trust Funds – partnering with donors

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Donors play a crucial role in EIB’s activities outside the European Union and in developing countries. They provide funds as part of their Official Development Assistance budget which EIB keeps in trust through various trust funds.

The funds are then provided to final beneficiaries directly or combined with financial products from the EIB or other international financial institutions. The goal of these funds is to make a development impact and help to improve peoples’ lives in different regions around the world - for example, in the Eastern Neighbourhood, the Mediterranean and Southern Neighbourhood as well as in sub-Saharan Africa. Trust funds also operate across sectors (e.g. transport), in support of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) or to help tackle global challenges such as climate change.

Who are the current donors?

The current donors of EIB-managed trust funds are the European Commission and European Union Member States. For a full list, please consult the website of the respective fund, as indicated below.

How can donors add value?

The contributions donors make to EIB-managed trust funds can be used in different forms for multiple purposes.

Some examples of projects are:

  • study the feasibility of a project
  • strengthen the capacity of project promoters
  • fill financing gaps by providing the necessary equity to get a project running
  • funding concrete components of an investment programme (such as a transmission line, to bring the electricity generated by a newly constructed solar power plant to households in remote villages)

Donors’ contributions can be the tipping point to make a project viable and implementable, to ensure it is sustainable or to maximise its impact.

With today’s global challenges, reaching from climate change, to migration flows, to persisting poverty in the world’s least developed countries, EIB’s partnership with donors is vital to provide the massive investments required to meet development needs and to protect our planet.

What trust funds does the EIB manage?

The EIB currently manages four different trust funds. If you want to find out more about them, including examples of concrete activities financed thereunder, please visit their respective websites.

For EIB-managed trust funds to support EIB lending activities:

For EIB-managed trust funds under the EU Regional Blending framework (external websites):