EIB responsible lending priorities

EIB responsible lending priorities

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Sustainable growth

We believe that sustainable growth creates jobs to the benefit of society, so we strive to boost this through a range of innovating products which address our priority areas.

Global commitment

We pursue these goals beyond the EU, both in Europe and the wider world. We use similar products as in the EU as well as adding innovations such as our pioneering work with microfinance.

Excluded activities

We do not finance the following:

  • Ammunition and weaponry
  • Military/police equipment or infrastructure
  • Projects which have the effect of limiting people’s individual rights and freedoms or violating their human rights
  • Projects unacceptable in environmental and social terms
  • Ethically or morally controversial projects (gambling, tobacco, etc.)
  • Activities prohibited by national legislation.

For further details see this list of activities excluded from EIB lending.