Advisory and technical assistance

Advisory and technical assistance

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At lending project level, we provide advisory and technical assistance in all sectors in which we invest and provide finance. It aims at increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of EIB promoter’s investment activities. It is an important element of value added of the EIB Group for which we use dedicated grants to train local staff, to seek expert advice through advisory firms, consultants and experts selected through competitive bidding processes or to sponsor feasibility and market studies.

Covered sectors having a direct impact on sustainable development include private sector support (SME promotion, microfinance, feasibility studies), environment (water and wastewater projects, sector strategies, project management units, regulatory framework, environmental studies, etc.), energy (increase of energy efficiency, promotion of renewable energy) and education and health (investment in infrastructure, improving quality and efficiency).

In the Mediterranean, Eastern neighbourhood and ACP Countries technical assistance is a key instrument for improving the quality of lending operations and enhancing their development impact.

The ELENA programme provides grants to promoters developing energy efficiency projects which we manage on behalf of the European Commission.