How to complain

How to complain

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Complaints can be lodged in any of the official languages of the EU, by letter or fax addressed to the EIB’s Secretary General, by email to or via the complaint form. We will consider complaints in non-EU languages spoken by those affected by EIB projects.

Complainants need to identify themselves, clearly state the subject of the complaint and what he/she expects to achieve. The complainant should provide as much detailed and relevant information as possible about the complaint.

Complaints must be lodged within one year from the date on which the facts upon which the allegation is grounded could be reasonably known by the complainant. In the case of complaints concerning access to information, a complaint must be taken within 20 working days from the date of the correspondence which is the subject of the complaint.

In order to ensure appropriate stakeholder protection, all complaints are handled confidentially. Confidentiality can be waived by the complainant, in which case the complaint will be handled publicly and related information made available in the EIB website.