Governance is about the decision-making structure, processes and associated controls. Because the EIB is at the same time an EU body and a bank, it is governed by both public governance and corporate governance principles. We refer to these as “governance”.

The EIB has four statutory bodies (i.e. those referred to in the EIB Statute):

  • Three decision-making bodies: the Board of Governors, the Board of Directors and the Management Committee;
  • One control body: the Audit Committee.

Main roles of the governing bodies

Governing Body Main Role
Board of Governors

- Guiding principles
- High-level policies
- Approval of annual accounts
- Appointment and remuneration of members
of the other governing bodies
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Board of Directors - Approval of financing operations
- Approval of policies and the operational
- Control of the Management Committee
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Management Committee - Day-to-day management of the Bank
under the authority of the EIB President
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Audit Committee - Auditing of the annual accounts
- Verifying that the Bank’s activities conform
to best banking practice
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