Public consultation on the EIB Group Complaints Mechanism Policy

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Public consultation on the EIB Group Complaints Mechanism Policy

  •  Date: 29 May 2017

The European Investment Bank (EIB) Group is consulting on its review of the EIB Group Complaints Mechanism Policy.  The consultation will involve a meeting with stakeholders.  For the exact timeline, please see the table below.


The EIB Complaints Mechanism Principles, Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure provides members of the public who are, or feel, affected by the Bank's decisions, actions or omissions with a comprehensive tool enabling an alternative and pre-emptive resolution of disputes.

The current EIB Complaints Mechanism Policy was approved by the Board of Directors on 2 February 2010 following a public consultation that took place in 2009.  Article 5.3 of the Policy stipulates that the EIB endeavours to periodically review its Complaints Mechanism. 

The EIB established the EIB Complaints Mechanism (EIB-CM) as its internal and independent accountability mechanism in 2008. The Bank’s approach to resolve complaints is a reflection of the EU model of accountability, with a two-tier mechanism: the EIB-CM and the European Ombudsman (EO). The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the Bank and the EO in July 2008, set the basis for the EIB Complaints Mechanism Policy and established the framework of cooperation amongst the two institutions. The presence of a completely independent body such as the EO, which is also part of the Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAM) network, makes this structure unique amongst IFIs.

The public consultation process has been officially launched with the publication of the draft revised EIB Group Complaints Mechanism Policy that serves as a basis for discussion during the consultation process.

Publication of draft revised policy

In order to improve its readability and clarify content as well as simplify the structure, while also eliminating duplications and inconsistencies, the existing document that regulates the EIB-CM (Principles, Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedures) has been consolidated into one single Policy document.  

Due to this change in structure, it is not possible to present a track changed version of the Policy compared to the current document. However, to facilitate the review of the draft revised Policy, a summary overview of the key updates is presented in an Explanatory Note which accompanies the draft revised Complaints Mechanism Policy.  

Stakeholders are invited to send written contributions until 29 September 2017.  These stakeholder comments will be published on the EIB website unless a contributor explicitly prefers to not publish a submission.  

Contributions can be submitted by email to:

Consultation meeting

A consultation meeting is scheduled for 29 June 2017 in the EIB’s Brussels office. This meeting will be open to all stakeholders interested in a direct exchange with EIB staff about the issues at stake within the review.

This webpage will be updated regularly during the public consultation process.

Contact information

Olivia Saunders (EIB Secretariat General)
Tel:+352 4379 83331

Indicative timetable for the public consultation of the EIB Group Complaints Mechanism Policy

Monday 8 May 2017

Announcement of upcoming consultation on EIB website

Monday 29 May 2017

Publication of the draft revised EIB Group Complaints Mechanism Policy

Thursday 29 June 2017

Public consultation meeting in Brussels

Friday 29 September 2017

Deadline for submitting contributions

October-December 2017

Internal review of stakeholder comments and preparation of final draft documents

Publication of all stakeholder’s comments

First quarter 2018

Publication of draft revised policy, draft Consultation Report and Bank comments to stakeholder contributions (issues matrix) on EIB’s website (at least 15 working days before discussion at the EIB’s Board of Directors)

First quarter 2018

Approval of revised Policy, Consultation Report and Bank comments to stakeholder contributions by EIB’s governing bodies

First quarter 2018

Final revised EIB Group Complaints Mechanism Policy, Consultation Report and Bank comments to stakeholder contributions published on EIB website

Matrix of key documents during public consultation