Eastern Partnership Secondment Programme funded by the Eastern Partnership Technical Assistance Trust Fund (EPTATF)

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Eastern Partnership Secondment Programme funded by the Eastern Partnership Technical Assistance Trust Fund (EPTATF)

The European Investment Bank seeks qualified professionals from public sector organisations or a private sector entity in the Eastern Partnership Countries who are committed to working to improve people’s lives, and who wish to contribute to the work of their respective institutions by promoting economic and social progress in the Eastern Partnership Countries.

Objectives of the Eastern Partnership Secondment Programme

This is a multiannual Programme and its goal is to offer successful candidates an opportunity for professional development and global experience in an international environment, with wide exposure to the EIB’s various business activities. The Programme will strengthen the institutional cooperation of the Eastern Partnership Countries with the EIB by bolstering common activities, both upstream and project related. The objective of the Programme is to support and exchange capacity building both within the EIB and within the organisation of the Secondee upon his return after the Secondment. The Programme, funded by the Eastern Partnership Technical Assistance Trust Fund, will look for candidates specialising in a field relevant to international investment and development banking, such as finance (in particular project finance, SME financing, credit and risk analysis) or economics (micro/macroeconomics, development, statistics, job market analysis) as well as finance law, environment, engineering (ports, roads, energy, etc.) or urban planning.

Eligibility to apply

The Secondment Programme is open to (i) officials from different ministries (Finance, Economy, Transport, Environment, etc.), from Central Banks, other public sector organisations, and (ii) for candidates from the private sector.

The Secondment Candidates must be supported by their employer and meet the following criteria:

  • be a national of the Eastern Partnership Countries only(Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine);
  • be proficient in English, with a good command of one of the local languages of EPTATF countries (Armenian, Georgian, Ukrainian, Moldovan, Romanian or Azerbaijani), knowledge of French and/or Russian would be an advantage;
  • hold a degree in a field such as economics, law, finance and engineering, depending on the profile of the post to be filled;
  • have at least 3 years of professional experience obtained after graduation from the last degree;
  • be interested in working as part of a team undertaking a combination of analytical, research and operational work.
The Secondment of Candidates must be supported by their employer, with the goal of the Programme being to offer successful candidates and their organisations an opportunity to gain relevant work experience in a unique financial institution like the EIB.  

Only candidates endorsed by their employer will be successful. During the recruitment procedure the EIB will request the candidates to provide an endorsement letter from their employer signed by the authorised employer representative. Preferably the letter would be attached as the last page to the CV with the application.

The Endorsement Letter should a) certify the current position held by the candidate, b) confirm the employer’s agreement in principle with the Programme and support the secondee’s candidacy, and c) confirm the return of the secondee to his position after the secondment is completed.

The EPTATF will support this secondment programme by providing to the selected secondees a lump sum amount to allow for an appropriate secondment allowance and related insurance coverage. This will be reflected in a secondment agreement to be signed between the EIB and the candidate’s own organisation. Selected candidates will remain employed by their sending organization. Secondees will be responsible for their own accommodation costs. Travel expenses related to EIB work will be borne by the EIB.

Each successful candidate commits to a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 2 years in the Programme1, to be spent at the EIB Headquarters in Luxembourg or at one of the External Offices.

How to apply ?

The Secondment offers are accessible via the EIB Jobs page.

Only candidates identified for an assignment will be contacted to discuss their application and availability. Candidates will be selected by a panel and there is keen competition for posts.

The deadline for applications is midnight on 6th of September 2016.

1) Calls for applications for vacancies, as well as further details on the relevant Terms and Conditions, are published periodically on the Bank’s website.